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WTB: Octane NXT Shocker

28 October 2013 - 01:41 AM

Lemme see what you have, thanks! 

Uber-Shocker is complete!

16 September 2013 - 01:39 PM

I finally got the last of the small pieces I needed to complete this project prior to the weekend. I had managed to lose a single body set screw, and yeah... without it, it's impossible to complete this lady. I had a build log up, but got so busy in my last few semesters of university, and with my job that I just ended up skipping the WIP page, and went straight to the completion. 

The Shocker community is somewhat of a niche market, so I have spent considerable time collecting the proper parts to bring these old guns into the most modern era while maintaining the fact that it's a Shocker. 

So here's basically what I built:
Octane SFT Body 

- Milled for NXT break-beam eyes.
- Solenoid restrictor hole milled out for IPR mod
- IPR Mod
- Slotted solenoid
- SS Manifold
- NXT frame & snatch grip
- new SP grips
- Virtue Redefined Board
- Bob Long Cam Drive
- Bob Long 360 Reg
- Original FREAK system
- Hybrid 10(15)* Vertical Adapter (300PSI guage)
- Violent trigger
- NDZ detents
- Dark Bolt guide machined out for ULP
- Ported Bolt sleeve
- ULP Can
- AL & MG Eigen bolts
- Rhino Spring
- Q-lock Feedneck

Machining done by CS9000
Anodizing done by Caustic Customs

Parts collected, assembled, and precisely fitted by me. Every single screw is new, every oring is freshly fitted... this is the Hero Factory in 2013.