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WTB: Octane NXT Shocker

28 October 2013 - 01:41 AM

Lemme see what you have, thanks! 

Uber-Shocker is complete!

16 September 2013 - 01:39 PM

I finally got the last of the small pieces I needed to complete this project prior to the weekend. I had managed to lose a single body set screw, and yeah... without it, it's impossible to complete this lady. I had a build log up, but got so busy in my last few semesters of university, and with my job that I just ended up skipping the WIP page, and went straight to the completion. 

The Shocker community is somewhat of a niche market, so I have spent considerable time collecting the proper parts to bring these old guns into the most modern era while maintaining the fact that it's a Shocker. 

So here's basically what I built:
Octane SFT Body 

- Milled for NXT break-beam eyes.
- Solenoid restrictor hole milled out for IPR mod
- IPR Mod
- Slotted solenoid
- SS Manifold
- NXT frame & snatch grip
- new SP grips
- Virtue Redefined Board
- Bob Long Cam Drive
- Bob Long 360 Reg
- Original FREAK system
- Hybrid 10(15)* Vertical Adapter (300PSI guage)
- Violent trigger
- NDZ detents
- Dark Bolt guide machined out for ULP
- Ported Bolt sleeve
- ULP Can
- AL & MG Eigen bolts
- Rhino Spring
- Q-lock Feedneck

Machining done by CS9000
Anodizing done by Caustic Customs

Parts collected, assembled, and precisely fitted by me. Every single screw is new, every oring is freshly fitted... this is the Hero Factory in 2013.





Planet Eclipse TWSTR LV-1

23 July 2013 - 05:31 PM

Taken from PBN. 



It started 21 years ago in a Downtown Boston warehouse, the craftsmanship and the innovation that helped shape the custom gun market and forever defined a company... That company has returned to change the game once again.

We are proud to announce Boston Paintball has teamed up with Planet Eclipse to resurrect the iconic "Twister" brand starting with the TWSTR LV-1. 

With the reliability and performance from Planet Eclipse's proven LV-1 platform combined with Boston Paintball's custom styling queues this limited edition marker will be a truly refined balance of form and function. Featuring 3D contoured "Twister" milling reducing the overall weight of the marker, paired with exclusive color combos to add an aggressive and unique marker profile. 

On the performance side, Committed Paintball's in-house tech team has (through months of on field testing) developed the "XCII Tuning Package" which includes a custom Splash Screen as well as further refinement of the stock settings (electronic values as well as mechanical adjustments) to ensure a true custom experience for each owner right out of the box and right to the field with no adjustments needed.

For the prestige, each marker will include a Boston Paintball Certificate of Authenticity, which will certify not only this is an official custom product verified by our build team, but will also record the original owner's name, factory serial number and edition number in our master database (only accessible by other custom BP Marker owners) for warranty & security purposes and more importantly.... bragging rights.

In typical Planet Eclipse fashion you will find your TWSTR LV-1 well protected in a Jet Black LV-1 Aluminum Zip-case with a full color Operators Manual, Eclipse Hex Key Kit, Barrel Bag, Shaft4 Barrel, LV-1 Manual Supplement, Secondary Zick3 Rammer, Eclipse Lubricant and Spare Parts Kit to keep your marker in tip-top shape.

.....and as with every custom Committed Paintball marker the original owner will receive LIFETIME FREE LABOR at any Boston Paintball retail location plus you'll find a Boston Paintball Sticker Sheet tucked away in your zip-case.

The perfect balance of Innovation/Performance/Style for only $1499.99

Select TWSTR LV1 EGO models are set to land state-side end of July for early August Shipping.

Pre-order yours now @ http://www.committedpaintball.com  or any Boston Paintball Retail Location/Authorized Dealer.

Something is coming... It could be a... Shocker

18 July 2013 - 02:25 PM



Going to paintwarz with coworkers.

16 July 2013 - 12:37 PM

This will be fun... None of them know or truly understand what level of paintball I play. Theyre all renting. Video of the lulz to follow.