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In Topic: D.A.R.T. Bolt in an ETEK 4, huh?

20 July 2014 - 06:24 PM

Another good piece of info. So with the stock exhaust valve, it would be better to retain close to the same weight as stock or would I be better going lighter?

In Topic: D.A.R.T. Bolt in an ETEK 4, huh?

20 July 2014 - 05:30 PM

Yessir. I posted everywhere trying to get a quick response. I think the only forum I'm not on is mcarterbrown.

Dont put the DART bolt in anything other than an Ego 11 with the new valve parts from the DART kit installed. IIRC the bolts heavier weight can lead to damage over time on older Egos/Eteks as they operate at a higher pressure and the ram travels faster.

If you want a slightly quieter marker check out the Lurker and Disruptive barrels.

This seems to be the general consensus. Thanks much for the recommendations. I'm on ans and hp looksing at stuff right now.


EDIT: "Looksing"? I've turned into Gollum.

In Topic: D.A.R.T. Bolt in an ETEK 4, huh?

20 July 2014 - 02:50 PM

Like I said, I got it used and after I did my digging, I put the stock one back in it. But the bolt fits and the gun fires with it installed. Unfortunately, I played an entire day with it in before I knew it was not right. It operates pretty okay. It chrono'd fine and shot okay all day but I'm not experienced enough to know if something is out of whack unless it's way out. The gun is now back to stock except the POPS. I'm just wanting to A) Make sure I didn't damage my marker and B ) get recommendations for a good bolt to quiet this thing down a little,

In Topic: wich one should i get first?

13 July 2014 - 11:34 PM

So, I have an ETEK 4 that I got from a friend and he put a D.A.R.T. kit and a POPS ASA on it. He bought an NSL with the Pro V2 reg and he had some trouble with his which I was there to witness before I got the gun from him. Firstly was the huge amount of effort to get the marker to gas up. It was super difficult to push in. It was like that on both the ETEK with the POPS and his DM14. Secondly, when he pressed the POPS or turned the lever on the DM and then threaded the tank in, when he degassed, it would hiss air out of the ASA. I was with him when he took it to our local pro shop where he bought it and after some diag and comparison to a Pro V1 that the gun tech owned, he determined that the ball valve was the culprit for the leakage because there wasn't enough travel to close the ASA valve and stop the air that was still in the marker from hissing out. He tried a completely new tank that had the same type of regulator and had the same problems. He tried his own tanks with the Pro V1 reg and no such problem. He tried the NSL with the standard reg and no issues, either. He ended up just trading out for the tank with the standard reg after trying several tanks.


I'm not sure that the Pro V2's ball valve works well with all of the different styles of on/off ASAs on the market. The oldeer V1 regs have a needle valve. Try it before you buy it. The V2 reg worked okay when under partial pressurization but if the tank had a full 4500psi, it was a bitch to gas on all of his guns except his Axe. If it doesn't work for you, talk to your gun tech and if all else fails, any shop with a halfway decent reputation will get you one with the standard reg which should work fine for a GEO.

In Topic: Fuckin bonus ballers

07 July 2014 - 07:28 AM

OP, Were you playing at a field in Guthrie, OK? 



a guy pops out with his new luxe 2.0 and looks at me

I think we've all seen this guy before, or at least one of his manifestations.

That "Oh shit please don't" moment haha



I had that same kind of thought last time I played.

If someone shoots me after I clearly indicate to them that I have been eliminated and I see that they have responded to my signal I stop what im doing and drop the hammer on them, just dump the hopper and walk off. 

This. I played a big game 2 Saturdays ago to benefit MDA and I got bonus balled. There was some other stuff going on and I was already not in the mood to tolerate people's nonsense so I did just that. I put a rope at these guys. Unfortunately, my temper got the better of me and I started shouting at the guys. Turns out, some of my teammates had been playing like assholes and these guys were frustrated and they took it out on me.


What really pissed me off was after I had walked out and gone back to my car. There was only 30 minutes left in the game when that happened and I was out of paint anyways so I was just sitting and talking with a buddy and one of my own teammates, right in front of me, runs up on a guy and 3 children that couldn't have been more than 10 and just hoses them down. One of the refs and I both started yelling at this guy at the same time. I doubt those poor kids will ever play paintball again after what that guy did to them.