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Spyder Threaded Freak Back

18 August 2013 - 08:22 PM

Barrel: Freak Back
Bore size(s): none
Condition: 9/10
Color and finish: Black
Barrel/tip length: none
Threads: Spyder
One or Two Piece: One
Known Problems: None
Asking Price: $30 obo SHIPPED
Shipping Options: Whatever is cheapest. USA only
Trades of interest: Auto Cocker Freak Back
Location of item: Oregon, USA
What is Included: Freak Back

Selling this great condition Spyder Threaded freak back because I am in need of an Auto Cocker freak back. $30 obo shipped.

LINK TO PHOTOS. Too big to upload so I put them on Photobucket. 

Barrel Kit or Just the barrel

13 May 2013 - 02:43 AM

Here's my understanding:

Barrels aren't the only factors that determine accuracy, but the paint it. Also, from what i read on a good day all barrels practically almost shoot the same. So here's my dilemma:

After researching barrel kits I've decided on the CP barrel kit that has 3 backs. But is it worth spending extra money for extra backs when I can get a CP 2 piece for $60? I've read that freak barrel kit users only end up using one or two inserts. So would it make more sense to buy a CP 2 piece with a bore of like .689? Would that still be plenty accurate? Or should I go ahead and add a bit extra and get 2 extra different back bores?
I read people saying that barrel kits are a waste of money. Can a CP 2 piece with a bore of .689 be good for me?

For reference, I live in NW Oregon and usually play in the woods.

Dangerous Power G5 quality

06 May 2013 - 05:54 PM

Hey guys. So as I was browsing craigslist I find a Dangerous Power g5. I was interested, but I've heard that DP is inconsistent with their build quality. Some leak and break, others are amazing. Does anyone know how the G5 performs and if the leaking issues have been fixed? Thanks.

GoG eXTCy vs Used Proto Reflex Rail

03 May 2013 - 12:51 AM

So I know there really isn't much comparison between a $250 dollar marker and a $500 one, but here is whats going on:

While browsing eBay, I came across some dude selling his 2012 Proto Reflex Rail at a starting bid of $199, and another dude selling the same gun with a starting bid of $250 with a lower shipping cost. I was pretty set on buying an eXTCy, but if I win the bid on the PRR both guns would come out to be around the same price.

I haven't seen or read very much things about the PRR, while the eXTCy gets lots of praise for all the awesomeness it comes with for $250. I don't know much about the PRR and it's known problems, longativity, how reliable it is, and just overall how it is compared to the eXTCy. I KNOW that the eXTCy is a low-mid level while the PRR is a mid-high level, but I'd like some input on comparing the two and if it is worth buying the PRR used when I was going to get the eXTCy used. Thanks.

GoG eXTCy supposed leaking probs

30 April 2013 - 12:47 AM

Hi there members of TechPB!
I'm new here, and as my first post I have a question to ask anyone who has experience with the GoG eXTCy:

I just recently sold my Tippmann so I can buy a gun better suited for speedball. After research, I have concluded that the GoG eXTCy is a great choice with a price that works for a teen that works for his money and buys all his gear with his own made money.

I was inside my local paintball shop and asked if I could hold one. They said they didn't carry them because GoG's have "too many leaking problems."

So my question is, to those who know, do they leak a lot/at all? If they do and are not worth it I'm also considering a DP G4, PMR, or a used Empire Axe, but the Axe is the least likely because I still need money for a nice hopper and tank. But from what I've read on various threads the eXTCy is one of the best >$300 buys. Let me know please and thank you!

P.S. I already have a nice mask so I'm good on that and no need to ask :tup: :D