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Bringing a whole ton of people today, marker to tank advice

10 July 2013 - 11:14 AM

Soo, I have 3 people that usually go play walk on weds night at our local field, and we try to get other people to come all the time, but they never do. Then all of a sudden today, 5 people are coming beyond us 3.  So for markers, we have


An axe mini

a spyder MR1 I think

This really old spider that's heavy but works

A new spyder we won at a raffle in a kit with tank and mask

A TM-7


A TPX pistol with remote adapter

A shocker that leaks from the front handle part slowly but continuously (may be fixed today, maybe not)


tank wise we have

1 4.5k 68ci dura

4 3k 68ci

2 9oz co2

1 3k 13ci


We also have maybe 4 remote lines and enough packs/vests for them (we won big in the raffle at tet offensive, lol)


I'm thinking to run the dura on the shocker so it has the longest time if it's leaking, and the 13 on my pistol, but what two guns should we run the co2 tanks on?


Also, at our field the walk ons typically want to play airball the whole time, but 3 of our guests are 1st time, and 2 are pretty new, like played 1-3 times.  Some of the walk ons have pretty fast markers and it can be pretty intimidating when they rope me, so what should I do about these guys? Just have them play back?

Marker Advice

15 May 2013 - 10:00 AM

So my parents bought a new house in napa, and it has space so they said I can build a paintball field there If I want, so I am. I have the 3ft sewer pipes already and all that. Anyways, my brother has no marker, but he is going to buy one and he basically knows nothing about the variety of markers and I really don't either. He mainly cares about accuracy I guess, but I've read in a few places here that accuracy is the same on any marker. I was trying to narrow it down and I asked him if he wanted milsim or alien and he said "I guess the military style doesn't matter. When I looked at google guns with long barrels that's what seemed to come up. I guess it would be cool if it looked like a real gun but I care about the performance/accuracy the most" He's only used rental 98custom's before, besides shooting like 50 balls from my TM7 and TPX.

Some other considerations are:

The only other markers we will have there for now (besides a few random friends' stuff like axes and spyders) will be my TM7 and TPX as well as a RAP68 I plan to get and a pair of JT splatmaster shoguns, so if his marker blows those away it's probably not gonna be that useful to us. He will probably use it at fields here and there(he is here by a speedball field for the summer but mainly lives near SC village down south) but it will mainly be for outlaw ball at my parents place.

We can only fill with scuba tanks there, so I guess if it's good on air that would be great.

I think he would probably be cool with a pump, but I literally know nothing about them, even what the advantages are.

I think his style will be more of a marksman thing than running and gunning.

He thought my dye occluding sight was ultra sick, so maybe something that can accommodate one of those or something similar might be a bonus.

Price wise he would probably spend 3 or 400 but I could kick in a few hundred on top of that if it would get him to something significantly better for him.

So, if you have a couple of recommendations I can give him, and also what would be the most accurate barrels, and for the different markers do you think remote line or if not then what tank?