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LL7 montage

22 May 2014 - 09:27 PM


let me know what you guys think

LL7 post-action report(s)

19 May 2014 - 07:02 PM

Well for whatever reason the forums seem dead not only leading up to LL7 but now after despite Mike being the general for New Empire. So in an attempt to create some chatter I figured I'd start a thread to get people discussing their experience so feel free to change my answers to yours and even add your own sections if you want.


Name(as it showed on jersey): Murphstyle

Team: New Empire

Legion: Chiron


Saturday action

Number of insertions: 6+1 skirmish and dinner battle

Favorite spot you played in: Oaxaca (hyperball field)

Most memorable part: When I went to make a run from Tobasco(the airball bunkers) to Tapachula (central park) thought I was running alone and had 5-10 people applying cover fire, get 1/2 way there, trip start somersaulting and wind up bear crawling to the bench. I turn to my right and see 3 teammates diving into the bench with me

Worst part of play: After trying to push up the ravine and getting shot out i come back only to see 2 Horde tanks rolling up the road with no Launcher in sight. People were climbing deep into the woods or just walking back towards HQ.


Sunday action

number of insertions:5+ final battle

Favorite spot you played: Center bunker on top of the hill

Most memorable part: charging over the hill and sliding almost the whole way down to the bus

Worst part of play: Constantly taking friendly first while trying to reclaim the hill


So after not being sure if I was going to go to Living Legends due to the crappy weather all week i finally conviced myself to go, and am glad I did. I had a great time playing and met some pretty cool people throughout the weekend.


I have to give it to the Horde players, anytime they saw chance to gain ground they were making a rush. I was eliminated 10-15 minutes after the opening charge and was re-supplying as I watched dozens of Horde players storm across the bridge from bedlam into Central park. They constantly kept the pressure on us and deserved the win. That's not to say New Empire wasn't playing hard, it just seemed like our rushes were just so much smaller than theirs meaning we gained less ground.


There are really only 2 problems I saw/had with the whole event that need to be addressed for next year.

1) The registration line, I was waiting in line for over an hour and a half Saturday morning right next to people who pre-registered. Now i understand this is a big event and there will always be a line. But I think it's a bit unfair to make someone who paid for this event 3 months ago to wait in line right next to me who had not registered yet. I think the best fix for this would be to have pre-registered people go through the line at the Main building and have another area, such as near the stage where day-of people go to register.


2) The fact the Horde had 4 tanks on saturday and New Empire had none. Since tanks had to be pre-registered I'm assuming Viper/CPX knew 4 weeks ago what tanks were coming and who they were fighting for. How can you run an event like this and allow one team to be given such an advantage. Now i know on Sunday they moved some things around, but  that should have been done for the whole weekend.



On another note, for those of you who weren't there or left before the awards. There was a young kid there (12 years old i think) who lost his barrel sock during the final battle and left his gun on the field to go get another barrel sock so that he could take his gun off the field. Well when he came back, his gun was nowhere to be found. When Viper heard about this he brought the kid up on stage during the give-away gave him a brand new Etha. Well later on someone gave back/turned in the gun so the kid went to give back the Etha so that it could be raffled off as it was originally intended (which was a class act). Turns out the crowd wanted nothing to do with that and started chanting to let him keep it and he did. So that was my faith in humanity restored moment for the weekend.



So lets hear everyone's thoughts and memories of LL7.

If i dont pre-reg?

05 May 2014 - 08:33 PM

If i don't pre-register before the deadline will i still be able to choose my squad? Or will i be randomly added to whichever team/squad needs players?


06 April 2014 - 09:05 PM

I was looking around and am considering buying a pair of the predlocs off of http://www.predatorpredlocs.com/

Has anyone here bought a pair from them or used them? Just curious as to what other people experience with this product/company is

empire axe leak?

11 November 2013 - 09:57 PM

so yesterday i went to the field and decided to tune my axe like mike recommends (raise velocity till it plateaus than drop the operating pressure).


i got it down to 170? cant remember off hand. shot it all day with no problems. I brought the gun out earlier to clean all the paint off it and relube it. After i was done i aired it up and was going to shoot some paint just to make sure everything was ok. When i aired it up i got a quick pop and a ball shot out about 20 feet, with that i could hear a small leak coming from the air transfer tube (think thats the name of it). i flipped the ASA off and back on... same thing. i never touched the oring on it except for the fact that i took the gun apart and exposed the o-ring. i checked the o-ring there and no damage.


i found this thread http://www.techpb.co...d a small leak.


im hoping in the 3 months since that thread somebody else may have ran across this problem and found a fix besides sending it to kee?