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What is better a Ninja ultralight reg or a Ninja pro reg

27 January 2014 - 10:10 PM

I'm planing to buy this 

http://www.bzpaintba...g&t=Air Systems


It can come with ether a ultra light Ninja reg or a pro reg the pro reg is a extra £10.


So what is better what are the weight differences etc whatever is worth knowing.

What 4500 carbon fiber HPA tank should I get in the UK

27 January 2014 - 12:06 PM

Ok I'm planing to get a 4500 HPA tank to use with a eNMey I plan to get but I would like no know what to get I live in the UK I wanted to get a 50/4500 Ninja tank but most Ninja tanks are DOT approved not PI so they can't be used in Europe I found some that where PI but they where in colors I didn't like bright red purple green and blue.
Ok I'm planing to get a 4500 HPA tank to use with a eNMey I plan to get but I would like no know what to get I live in the UK I wanted to get a 50/4500 Ninja tank but most Ninja tanks are DOT approved not PI so they can't be used in Europe I found some 68s that where PI but they where in colors I didn't like bright red purple green and blue,Edit just thought of something a bit obvious I could put a cover other it but it's not in stock so I'm not sure if they are still going to sell it.
So any info you have on weight with or without regulator, length diameter and reliability warranty etc will be helpful if you know.
Guerilla Air Myth Air System 48cu
Dye Throttle 0.8l/48ci Air System
claims to be the lightest on the market and it has the option to buy with a ninja reg
£189.95 with Ninja ultralight reg £199.95 with Ninja pro reg
GI Sportz 0.8L 4500psi Air system
weighs 690g has a Carbone fibre and kevlar layer

Hi I'm thinking of buying my first high end marnker a eNMey and other gear

26 January 2014 - 08:02 PM

Ok I have had those questions answered I thought of making a new thread but I didn't want to annoy the staff members.
Anyway new questions.
Has one of the camo E-FLEX's really been released I have seen the E-Tacs version for sale here and here


http://www.bzpaintba...=Empire GOGGLES


I would prefer the Terrapat version though is there any info on when that will be released if ever in the UK? I had thought the camo and skull E-FLEX was vaporwear before which I thought was unfortunate as I think the Terrapat version would be the perfect mask for me a bit shallow I know but I cant stand the look of normal E-FLEX's but I love the look of the Terrapat.



E-Tacs left Terrapat right





Also I'm planing to get a eNMey which is ION threaded and to use a Apex 2 with it are there any carbon fiber barrels that are APEX 2 threaded and have the option to use inserts I would prefer if its ION threaded but I could use a adapter.


Also what is the best paintball knee pads.
And the best bounce vest.

have you made any DIY mods to your marker and here are mine

28 July 2013 - 12:30 AM

it took a while to post the pics because it kept saying You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community. i had to find alternative pics or upload them myself which was a pain but whatever its all here now


Hi i just have some ideas for a DIY paintball gun i want to share and get some feedback on and also to post my current marker


also post any of your own DIY mods 



my paintball marker looks like this though with a different thicker feed neck and a different barrel





its a early prototype inferno mk2 a normal inferno mk2 looks like this my thicker feed neck is the same as the one in the pic bellow



its serial number is 21 which is kinda cool lucky number i guess you may not have heard of it but the mk2 is the most common rental marker in Europe and it is probably the most durable easy to maintain paintball marker out there i think its suppost to be very similar to a spyder and uses spyder threaded barrels




i currently run it with a barrel that looks very similar to a DYE one piece stainless steel barrel but that's the closest match i can find its 12 inches long




i also just use a rental Co2 tank on it that the field provides 


i also use a remote line coil unfortunately it doesn't have a slide check but i plan to get one that does


the hopper i use is ether a site provided proto primo or my own tacamo hopper both have a ridge that reduces pressure on the paintballs and makes the paintballs load into the feed neck from two different channels it increases fire rate, i used to have jamming issues when i used standered rental gravity feed hoppers but now i don't have issues 



Now onto the DIY stuff i have allready done


1.for the barrel i cut down the barrel shown in this picture 



so its about 3.5 inches long unfortunately because of a accident when i was cutting it down and trying to remove unneeded excess metal the inside was scratched up quite bad but i would mainly use this barrel for CQB situations anyway so the reduced accuracy shouldn't be to much of a problem, and or i would use it for scaring new players with it evil.gif i haven't actually shot it yet with this barrel but it should be incredibly loud because it has no porting and i have to crank the velocity up to get it to 300fps, the barrel also makes it very small its probably about the same size and weight as a TPX though i don't currently own one i have only tried it out at a target range 


2.i also have a custom wood carved DISHKA/canonizer tip here is a pic of a normal one 



my own looks more like a silencer i don't have any pics of it but here is a quick really bad looking drawing i did in paint of it imagine the grey part is the barrel the brown is the dishka, this is not to scale it looks short and thick in this like a apex1 but its more like a apex2 



it has wood stain and it looks really nice i bet many people on Mcarterbrown would love one of these i carved it with my granddad basically it just makes the shots really load i haven't tried it yet though 

3.i made a sling out of some thin green rope i had i haven't used it yet though 

4.i made a rather flimsy fold out stock out of a coat hanger it looks the part and could be used in a game but it could also be bent easily and i don't really need to use it right now i have thought of making a sturdier version but i haven't gotten around to it  this is what it looks like and how it works and the inspiration for it 



5. i also made a stock similar to a mac10 that you can push forward and pull out but it was still a little flimsy but i think it could work if i use more sellotape to attach the thing the stock attaches to i cant really think of a way of explain how i did it maybe i might post pics later also if it does work i will probably glue it on







DIY stuff i might do at some point 


1.make a hopper that looks like the magazine you would see on a bren machine gun like this though i would have the feedneck covered up by the fake magazine


bren pic



i would want it to hold between 30 and 50 paintballs i could also make multiple ones and reload them like you would with a normal magazine by taking  it of and putting a fresh one in 

2.another thing i have thought of is making a pocket hopper between 30 and 50 rounds out of wood one similar in design to any normal mini hopper like a Winchester or app and have it agitated with a small motor like this 



3.and or just get a normal pocket hopper like a app and put a motor on that to agitate it 


4.have it feed out of something like a tube not a normal 10 round spring feed more like a 30 or 50 round tube angled so they roll toward the feed neck or i could have a light spring on it that pushes the paint balls toward the feed neck it could be made from wood or plastic or whatever

5.maybe use fake carbon fiber wrap stickers on my barrel hopper and or marker you can get it very cheap and it looks and feels like the real thing 

6.i could also make a cover for my remote line right now it sometimes gets tangled on itself and its a pain in the ass to untangle it 

7.i could make a small hopper 30 to 50 out of wood with a shelf like the primo or tacamo hopper so it feeds better



8. i could make a stock made out of well why don't you make a guess




now i know i mentioned things made of wood quite a bit its not like i have wood for wood though its just its the only material i can think of that i could make things out of without it looking awful i don't have a plastic mold or anything but i do have a grandpa whose main hobby is carving wood plus it also does look kinda nice and i would also probably be the first or one of the first players to use a hopper made out of wood i would  be legendary among the mcarterbrown community a god among men   :P lol 


i guess that's about everything i can think of right now if any of you have any other ideas or you want to talk about your creations then make sure you reply.......go on do it reply you know you want to 

Do you aim down your paintball gun

27 July 2013 - 09:01 PM

I used to try aiming down my paintball gun but i don't bother anymore i have worked out that i can accurately guess where my paintball gun is aimed when im not aiming down it at close to medium range and anything beyond that i have to shoot and adjust just like i would if i was aiming down the marker the difference being that half my sight isn't blocked of by my paintball gun so i can better see where the paintballs are headed 


Btw my paintball gun is currently a mech with no handle/grip and no stock also i just use a Co2 tank provided by the field with a remote line and mid grade field paint with a DYE one piece 12 inch aluminum barrel or soon i plan to use my new cut down 3.5 inch barrel so its not the most accurate setup around but even though i am fairly new i have still managed to beat people with dm12s axe's and various pimped out milsim markers