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In Topic: HOW bout a review on... the... HEY MIKE!!!

01 April 2009 - 01:10 AM

hey do u think a review on the HABAO BOBO paintball marker would be possible mike? its a new gun that is coming out made by a RC car company in asia? id really like to know if its gonna be worth it cause it looks pretty nice

thats a nice looking gun/

Nice isn't exactly the word I would use to describe it, but I would be interested in seeing someone actually shoot and review the gun.

In Topic: dose mike have beef with the etek or just not goten around to the vids yet!!!

01 April 2009 - 01:07 AM

we need a review on the etek and some upgrades for it!!!! plz mike!!!!!

What makes you think he's doing an Etek show?

for the 500 you spend on an eteck, you can get the bob long protege....thats the main reason mike doesnt really talk about the etek.

I doubt thats the main reason why he hasn't done a Etek video. Being that the Eteks is very similar to the Ego's, there isn't much difference between the two. Of course the internals are going to be different including the bolts, weight and boards.

I'm sure he just hasn't gotten around to doing it.

The technology in the Eteks, isn't similar to the Ego's so much as it's stepped back. Everything the Ego has is stepped back two years, and then integrated into an Etek. An Etek2 is essentially an Ego6 with a few performance tweaks because of the knowledge gained in that 2 years of development between the 06 and the Etek2.

In Topic: The TIPPMANN x7 show

04 March 2009 - 08:58 PM

I personally wouldn't want to see one. In my opinion mil-sim is a stereotype. People that know nothing about paintball think we're just a bunch of war junkies shooting eachother in the woods. Mil-sim pervays the stereotype that we're just a bunch of war junkies. I don't know about you, but I don't want to be represented that way.

In Topic: 09 PMR Review

19 January 2009 - 06:35 PM

Mike has the gun so he will put up a review once he's given it his set of tests. There are probably reviews for the 09 pmr already posted on youtube, but those videos will be little more than 12 year old kids saying "umm", and "it's a pretty good gun" alot. My advice is just be patient and wait for Mike's review.

In Topic: Games that suck

21 October 2008 - 08:06 PM

I played CoD 4 since before it was released <_< (Beta FTW).

And now i am playing Cod 5: World at War Beta, which i can assure everyone is much, much better than Cod 4. They have added a gore system, graphics have not seem to have changed that much, better physics engine (bodies will be "kicked around" or blown back when dead), they have added dialouge to multyplayer classes, they have added a 4th perk, and soo much more.

As for a game that i think has come out lately and was a total dissapointment? I would have to say is BiB: Hells Highway.

Cod:Waw will suck IMO. I don't care if you can use a flamethrower (probably only in the pacific campaign for one mission anyway), I don't even care if you can play both the pacific, and european campaigns. The idea of putting us in the boots of an FNG in a ww2 game has been overdone so many times, it's like using a gatling cannon with an 850 round belt to put down old yeller. The sooner that Treyarch/Activision finally realize that is no longer an original concept, the sooner they can try and make something good, because we've all taken high school history, we already know what happens, the 70lb and 120lb geek squad members that comprise japan, and germany pick a fight with the 320lb defensive lineman that is america. America wins the end. There's already 500 other games that tell this exact same fucking story, ( I use to intern for a small, and now dead game review site, and I was the reviewer of the shooter games, I played so many ww2 games in those 2 years alone I remember how I use to dream of fighting in ww2, I played so many of them, and didnt even get paid). The point is I want to play something that is original, and relates to the CURRENT global situation, not something that if my grandfather saw he could actually point out where he was at the time on the screen.

Sorry for the off-topic rant, but I have alot of strong feelings towards ww2 games.

As for a terrible recent release, GTAIV wasn't nearly as great as they said it would be, hell it wasn't even as good as san andreas. it had all the unique weapons taken out of it, and the multiplayer got boring fast.