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In Topic: Which mask and color is this

Today, 08:43 PM

I don't know how much more gear is in canada. How much is a new i4 in Canada?
Also have you tried it on before? It is an extremely small mask. If you didn't try on any masks yet, I HIGHLY recommend goi to a pro shop and trying on ALL the masks, then buying whichever one fits the best, don't even look at price

You make the same recommendation to everyone looking for a mask… Just saying :P
It's the best recommendation one can give mask wise

In Topic: Replacement bonnet for ansgear cyclone hpa tank

Today, 06:43 PM

Call ans?

In Topic: Help With Dye Pads Quick!

Today, 10:52 AM

Actually just re-measured and got nearly exactly 20"

In Topic: Help With Dye Pads Quick!

Today, 08:15 AM

Ok thanks. I am going I have to try them on I guess. Hopefully I can go to a pro shop today

In Topic: Help With Dye Pads Quick!

Yesterday, 10:22 PM

The XL will be big?