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First Car?

30 August 2014 - 07:31 AM

Hi guys, it's coming up to the point where I need to start figuring out what car I need to save for.

I snowboard, so I will be driving on snowy roads quite a bit.

I do not want a little car, I want a pickup truck/jeep/hummer type car. Something that will go through anything, while still being cool and aggressive.

I talked to my dad. Jeeps don't drop in value much, so they will be pretty expensive. Hummers (h3 or h3t only) are hard to find and therefore also expensive. Trucks on the other hand can be had for very cheap. Problem is, my dad said to stay away from anything over 8 years old when looking at trucks, because they have leaf suspensions which tend to sag and die a bit when they get older.

So what do you guys think? What's a nice first car to look at? What would you be looking at if you were in my position?


OLED Board

30 August 2014 - 07:24 AM

Hi! Just a quick question.

Is it normal for the OLED board from a g6r to flash on and off with a low battery?

Reason I'm asking is because I recieved an OLED board/frame assembly for my g6r, threw in the battery that was in my gun (which was apparently almost dead), and tried it. I left to Pennsylvania right after, so I did not have time to try a fresh battery yet.

I jut want to make sure I didn't receive a lemon.


Regional Section

11 August 2014 - 08:20 PM

Hi mods.

I need to post an event for a buddy in the Great Lakes regional section, but when I go into the Great Lakes section, it says I cannot start a new thread. This is happening with all the regional sections, although I can post in everything in "Borg was here", "off topic", "techpb official", and mostly everything else.

Please let me know what I can do, as I need to post it up as soon as possible. Thanks!

Are you kidding me? - unofficial official high school futbol thread

09 August 2014 - 04:11 PM

Okay, so last year during football season, I got a crap helmet being a freshman and all. I didn't think much of it until I got a concussion. I was going to buy a riddell revo speed, but I figured I'm going to be out for the majority of the rest of the season, so why not just wait, especially since the team is getting revos next year.

So now it's next year. Equipment collection happened. Of course they didn't get enough large revos, so no sophomores got any, including me. That being said, it's not going to be another year of this heavy, uncomfortable schutt helmet. I need a revo.

That being said, I talked to my mom, and she said "I don't know anything about this, talk to your dad. Well I did. I don't have $300 for a new revo. I was hoping my parents would help me by covering a bit of the cost. (Disclaimer: I said a BIT of the cost, not $300). I ask my dad if he wants to give me an early Chanukah present (#jewish), and he looks at me like I have four freaking heads and says "didn't you get enough Chanukah presents this year?" I wanted to say "What are you talking about", since Chanukah didn't happen this year and I didn't even attempt asking for something for Chanukah up until this point, so no. I got nothing, but I thought saying that wouldn't go over that well...

Anyway, I show him what it is, and he then again looks at me like "what the hell do you need this for", without saying anything, and then he turns back to watching tv.

Long story short, yes. $300 is a lot of money. I asked for $100 TOPS. It's not like I'm buying some shit I don't need. I mean to me, my head and avoiding brain trauma is worth $300, but apparently it's not to my parents. I guess maybe I'm just pissed because I was expecting some sort of sympathy/reaction for lack of better words. Maybe even if they didn't want to help pay, I would at least like for them to treat me with respect rather than looking at me like I'm freaking retarded for caring about my safety.

Don't freaking look at me and talk to me like I'm stupid for wanting to buy something that can potentially not only save my body and athletic carrer, but also pay for itself 10 times over with god forbid concussion doctor fees.

Fuck that


Bob Long "Reptile" Victory VIS

01 August 2014 - 04:08 PM

From the designer of the most custom milled paintball markers on the planet comes the brand new Reptile from BLAST. We have finally made gun worthy to stand beside the Ripper, Species and Dragon.

This will truly be the most custom designed and milled marker made by us or anyone to date. You have a choice of literally any solid color combinations.

Each Reptile gun comes with:
two motors
two back caps
three barrels
gun bag
custom table mat

This gun is on the VIS platform and was originally drawn by a famous Italian custom car designer.

There will only be 500 made with engraved serial numbers. The first from 1 to 20 will be retail only then the rest will be sold retail and wholesale. Get your order in and now if you're looking for a low number.

Serial number 000 will be sold to the highest bidder, so let us know right away if you want it.

The gun is on the machine right now. I know you're all waiting for something super custom and this is it. We expect product on our shelf in only one to two weeks.