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In Topic: Angel a1 fly Still good?

20 June 2013 - 02:28 AM

That was a pretty pro necro...
Fly's still awesome!

Oh well I've been hearing this outdated thing a lot and just happend by this thread and read through it and had to give my 2c...I just could not resist

Back to sleep

In Topic: Angel a1 fly Still good?

19 June 2013 - 09:49 PM

Angels outdated,that always seemed silly to me,since there are still no poppit guns today to use reverse polarity magnetic operation to close the poppit therfore allowing no need for a phisical spring to act as a bunch of walls for the air to have to bump into and climb over,dissrupting flow,as a respected engineer even mentioned,not of the angels system in general but having a popit return Spring in general.

I have a brand new Bob long Ripper 3,Bob long Infamous intimidator,Angel A1,Angel G7 Fly,2009 Proto Rail,2009 Planet eclipse Ego 9,2 Autococker SRs,Bob long Rapper,and an Planet eclipse Etek 2

So I'm an un biased collector and engineer...I'm really unhappy that WDP was forced into the street.

It just seems that in this sport,all it takes is for someone to not like something,and then it spreads like a plague.I admitt wdp should have never made there ram non servicable,or lpr and used hard to find metric orings.Having to replace an $50-$80 ram because a 5 cent oring failed is not smartbut as a machinist I allready made my ram rebuildable but wdp could have too