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Rapid Prototyping Service

25 September 2009 - 12:44 AM

Hey guys. The company I'm working for is interested in purchasing a rapid prototyping machine. I'm in charge of picking it out and will be the main operator. Now, we will mainly use it for our own in-house prototyping, however we're not going to be using it nearly to it's full operating potential so we are going to offer rapid prototyping service to individuals and companies. Since the machine is really for our own use, and we are not a service bureau, we'll offer this service at a very low price compared to companies that make all their revenue off of RP service. We're just trying to offset some of the material costs really.

My question to you all is: Are any of you interested in using this kind of service? We're trying to figure out how big the market is and where we fit into it... Obviously we are doing other research, but I thought I'd hit up my favorite group of nerds ballers first. :)

All you would need to use the service send me an .stl file (Any 3D design program can save this file type)and pay the cost of the part which will be determined by the volume of the part you send. like I said, it will be cheaper than most other services, plus I'll do my best to hook you up!

Once we actually purchase the machine and when we get the whole service set up, I'll post more details in the BST forum most likely. Depends on the machine we get, but I've got my heart set on one (Objet Alaris 30) and the build size is about 12"x8"x6" with .0011" Z axis resolution (this is insanely good BTW).

So, how about it, any of you guys (or girls) interested?

Edit: Also, as far as custom parts designed for punkworks tests go, I will hopefully be able to offer the service at cost (ie, material costs only, same as our internal use - this is roughly $6.50/ cubic inch). I have to see how we decide to handle personal use by employees, but keep this in mind for future tests.

Why is there dirt and black stuff in my marker?

10 August 2009 - 08:48 PM

Where in the marker is the dirt? On the bolt and hammer? because that's not caused by dirty air in the tank, that's just dirt.
If it's actually ON the cupseal O-ring then that might be dirt in the compressed air. But it could be from the manufacturing. Compressed air is usually filtered well to prevent damage to the compressor, so that would surprise me a great deal. I've never heard of "dirty air".

WTB autococker body

19 July 2009 - 02:26 PM

I'm looking for a BLACK autococker body. I don't need front block, back block, or internals, but will consider offers with those included. No trigger frames needed.

I'm just looking for something more interesting than the stock wgp 02 body.

Orracle, prostock, black magic bodies would be great, but I might have the cash to go for one of the rarer bodies too, so send me a pic if you have a sweet BLACK autococker body to sell.

Spool and poppet efficiencies

16 July 2009 - 10:11 PM

It's pretty well known that poppet valve markers tend to be more efficient than spool valve markers.

I find this interesting because a spool valve has a finite amount of air that can be used to propel the paintball, which seems to imply that it can be tuned to the exact amount necessary to get the ball up to speed. Yet that doesn't seem to increase efficiency.

Anyone have some theories as to why that is?

Fields In LA Area?

16 July 2009 - 07:41 PM

Sup guys, I'm moving to Pasadena and wanted to know of any and all fields that are close to there... I know SC village is about 45 mins away, any other parks within the same amount of driving time?