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In Topic: Captain Kirk Cannon

21 August 2011 - 08:13 PM

One of those is sitting in the window of my local field. I see it everytime I go there. Signed by the shatman himsilf.

most were given out to specific individuals from the game and to the guys from total grief. the company itself went out of business not too long after.

In Topic: BOA Concealer

08 January 2011 - 03:25 PM

basically, the ATF pretty much ignored paintball for a number of years. it was very common for a long time to see guys decked out with suppressors on their pumps. Then some someone, probably some kid trying to prove his buddy wrong, supposedly sent a BOA concealer to the ATF and asked for a ruling that it wasn't illegal. The ATF came back with "if it can be modified or made to fit a firearm AND it plays any part in suppressing the audible sound signature of said fire arm, it is illegal." The ATF shortly there after paid a little visit and the concealer is history. I know the stories I always heard was that it wasn't someone malicious sending it to the ATF, they honestly though there was nothing wrong with it and that the ATF would agree, and never imagined they would lose there barrel and deal a major blow to BOA.

without the shroud, the barrel is just a ported barrel and no big deal. Honestly, the legend of them outweighs just how good they originally were. I forget the actual fill material, seems like it was just foam or something.