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In Topic: barrel question

Today, 12:52 AM

I think that super stanchy customs have the freak boring system mods..

In Topic: Barrel Lengths

Today, 12:49 AM

12" for the most part.. I guess im used to it, but i use the stock 9-10" on my enmey and it performs just as good as any other. I have yet to try a 14" or longer, but i like the 12 the most.

In Topic: Planet Eclipse lv1.1

Today, 12:45 AM

In the words of the wise peter griffin, "you know what grinds my gears??"
Dye makes yearly releases changing some things, tweaking another.. And yet, they are trashed for not innovating enough.. Then.. PE makes little changes as well in their geos and take almost two years to come up witha "new" ego (LV 1.1) and are still regarded as gods..

In Topic: Show us your pain (Paintball)

Today, 12:20 AM

Last weekend got my worst ever bruise in my left bicep, not only in my time playing paintball, i never got a worse bruise and i also skate, surf, play soccer and field hockey (a man's sport everywere outside the US)

In Topic: Dye Rotor 2

Today, 12:12 AM

Imo, the variable capacity is not that much of a thing.. It look too weird, if i wanted a taller, larger capacity loader i would go for a spire 260 or a regular nokio.. What i do like about this new r2 is the larger opening, the quick release lid and the fact that is lighter.. Just a little bit, but lighter none the less.. If i had 250 bucks burning a hole in my pocket i would buy it.