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In Topic: Opinions on the JT Evlution

Today, 12:47 AM

Halo too will be fine.. Also why not kingman fasta? Dirt cheap and almost a pinokio inside
Valken vmax are just sub par loaders..

In Topic: blackheart board upgrade

18 May 2015 - 02:15 PM

The thing is this, im having issues with my stock board, some times it would not turn the gun on, some tines it will turn it on alright, but it has failed me in between games and it is anoying since i have to take it appart in order to be able to turn it on and some times not even that works.. And that is not all, i cant use the rebound or ramp mode because after 3-4 trigger pulls walking the trigger it goes ape shit and shoots full auto without pulling or holding the trigger until i pull the trigger again. Other than that i have no other gripe about it, i dont mind takin it appart for servicing the bolt after every day's play and the reg is nice and consistent and easy to clean and maintain, im used to the way it programs.. Just the full auto and the non turning on thing drives me crazy..
Lately i have figured out that i should change the board but it costs me twice as much to import a BH board to Mexico, so my best fix is to buy another used ion, and make a working ion out of the best part of each and keep the rest for spares..

In Topic: Etha vs G5 vs Mini GS.. go!

13 May 2015 - 04:51 PM

Mini GS regs are a piece of cake to pull apart and doing so does not void your warranty. Do not spread misinformation if you are misinformed yourself.
All of those markers will do you well but the GS is a pretty kick ass little gun.

Well, the empire reg issue was covered in Dr. Oz's show.. So it must be true XD

In Topic: What Bob Long gun is this?

12 May 2015 - 02:00 PM

i was going to suggest vintage rex for possible pricing but there is no entry for bob long's guns.. maybe in Mcarter Brown.

In Topic: Etha vs G5 vs Mini GS.. go!

12 May 2015 - 01:57 PM




I just think that if gog regs require a snap ring plier, they should at least include it along with the allen keys.. I got lucky and found one that fits in an autozone store.. And yes..non (easy) serviceable regs are a kick in the groin..
All regs should be as easy to service as PE regs :/

"a kick in the groin.."
Well, isnt it??
Oh yeah I agree with you, but that was just some funny wording.


not mad :) and it was a funny choice of words, but some times there are no other words to describe that feelling