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virtue spire popcorning

28 September 2015 - 12:42 AM

hi, i just got a brand new virtue spire and got to test for a few games today, i have it in factory settings, i just put some fresh batteries and slaped it in my marker, so i did not mess with the settings yet, i noticed that every time i was low on paint, the damn thng started popcorning like it was possessed, what can it be? the sensitivity settings, the force setting? anyone else have experienced this whit theirs? i know that it is a very popular high end loader around here..

empire reloader b/b2

28 August 2015 - 02:44 PM

hi, this is maybe a stupid question, but, how can i tell apart an empire reloader b from a reloader b2?? i got one used and came without the backplate.. not a life or death issue since it works fine regardless of model, but it'll be nice to know for sure, is it true that the b2 can run with a 4 AA battery rack??

GoG Enmey venting issue

27 July 2015 - 12:12 AM

Hi, i have a GoG Enmey for almost two years now and up until this moment i never had an issue with it, i service it often enough, clean it and keep it as spotless as possible, but one day i took a hit in the trigger area and had to disassemble the whole marker for the first time, i cleaned all the gunk, debris and also cleaned the bolt engine as usual, then i stared to have a venting issue i did not have before, it vents like a mother when i start pulling the trigger until i finish and shoots, but if i hold it just enough that it doesnt shoot, it keeps venting, like its short stroking or something, i know that it is not supposed to do that since it did not do it before that day, some dude at the field also had an enmey that was doing that and we fixed it by cleaning the bolt tail's orings, so i tried this, cleaned, relubed, reassembled it and it keeps venting, and the air comes out not down the barrel, but from the trigger, i have disassembled and cleaned it a number of times, and yet, i cant fix this =(

i am familiar with this kind of breaking appart procedure since im also a gen1 ion owner..

any one? please?

ion issues

30 May 2015 - 06:10 PM

So, i have this ion that has some issues, first, even with fresh batteries, it wont turn on, i have to take it appart, try again, turns on, then reassemble it in order to play.. This can happen once or twice in days play.. Sometimes not at all.
Then, the main issue is that when shooting rebound mode, after a few trigger pulls it goes full auto until i pull the trigger again,notice that it only happens when it is aired and pressured, what can it be?? Is it a board issue or is it just bouncing off the trigger?? I have a trinity sling style trigger, and is set for a long pre travel and very very little post travel. This only goes down on the rebound mode, in semi works ok and i have yet to test it with full auto and burst modes..

blackheart board on an ion

29 May 2015 - 07:50 PM

im upgrading my ion to a blackheart board and i would like to know if somebody has ever seen a video of the installation, it comes already with the hoses cut to the right size i assume, but i would like to know if someone has tips on removing and reinstalling the banjos, that is my main concern. 

thanks in advance