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proto one piece vs dye ultra light one piece..

25 April 2015 - 01:52 PM

Hi, i just got a proto 14" one piece barrel for my ion/enmey markers, got it because the stock ion is a POS and the enmey's is not as bad, but just too short wich makes it a little harder to aim down on it.. a few months ago, dye released a one piece ultralight, and after checking the specs on both (proto barrel and dye ultralight 1pc) they are both made out of the same grade material, i assume they are made in the same machines, the only difference between the two being just bore size, proto is .690 and dye is .688, is there something that justifies the huuuuge price tag difference between both barrels??


gog Enmey's low force bolt

14 April 2015 - 12:41 AM

hi, i have owned  a gog enmey for the last year and loved it since day one, and one of the things about it i loved the most is that due its low force bolt cycle, it did not chop paint (that and the fact i use a force feed loader), last weekend i was playing with it and it started choping like one in every 8/10 balls i shot in that game, tha paint was fresh, the loader was working fine, the gun was sort of clean, and still, it broke more paint in a simgle game than in the whole time i have been using it.. 

i have seen videos that state that this low force bolt cycle is enough to prevent ball breaks, and they even stick their finger in the feedneck and cycle it and it resets without much trouble or pain in said finger, then, as soon as i got home, i took it completely appart, (i got shot in the gun by a couple of paintballs) something i never did before, im glad i did because it was covered in paint, once i took it all appart, i inspected my detents, they look still ok, cleaned and lubed it and decided to check for myself this bolt cycle`s gentleness, huge mistake, it was not low force at all, it almost gave me a black finger nail.. is it possible that i did something that messed the low force bolt cycle while i was cleaning it? perhaps to much or to little lube? any one tested this before?

thanks =)

Bad luck Brian day at the field..

18 February 2015 - 10:50 PM

I made this thread so you can share with us what was your worst luck day atthe field.. I will start with mine and you guys can follow up..
I had almost a month since last time i played, so i was really looking forward to it, it was a friday night and one of the local fields, holds night games every friday, besides, i was going to use for the first time my new hpa tank, all was going great, but as soon as i arrived, things went tits up.. First, my brand new guerrilla tank's fill nipple was not compatible with the fill station, had to rent one, then, my marker of choice for the night started barrel breaking like there was no tomorrow, had to switch for my backup.. First game, my mask starts fogging up like hell, a common issue in night games, then fo the second game, my loader's rechargeable batteries literaly died on me.. Then, wen it was time to go home, i assumed everything was eighter in my car or in my bag and when i got home, my pack and two pods and a squeegee were nowhere to be found :( really the worst day ever for me..
Anyone else?? :)

fill nipple compstibility

14 February 2015 - 11:38 AM

Hi, i just got a guerrilla 68/45 tank, and last night i went to a night game in my local field and much to my surprise, the fill nipple of my tank would not fit in the scuba fill station, it just wouldnt go all the way through.. So i could not fill it and had to borrow one from the field :( the worst part was not over.. I just had a shitty night, one of my markers stared barrel breaking or maybe chopping like crazy and had to swith it for another i wasnt planning to use, then, after two games, tha batteries in my vlocity died, literally.. They died, one of them would not even hold charge when i pluged it back at home overnight.
Sorry i drifted, anyone else experienced fill nipple incompatibility???

air systems

21 January 2015 - 07:42 PM

i want to upgrade my 48/3k aluminum tank and i see that  the two top brands of air systems in the market are ninja and guerrilla, wich one would you choose and why?

i dont mind that much for a super light model, im just talking about a standard 68/45K.