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In Topic: Owner of Redz International indicted for kidnapping and aggravated sexual assault

07 July 2013 - 08:18 PM

Great, now I'll just pair my Redz tank cover with my Smart Parts gun and have the ultimate deusche bag set up. Wish I would have read this before buying two of them a month ago.   ...the f@ck.


My two cents: Rapists should get a choice, that's right, a choice - of death or getting their junk removed. But no, instead we spend al this money to put them in cages and feed them - so dumb.

In Topic: Pinokio vs Invert too

02 July 2013 - 11:02 AM

Pinokio is 3.5 oz's lighter than the Too (with batteries), and the Pinokio runs on two 9 volts while the Too has 6 AA's.


The Too is quieter.


The profile (that your opponent will see) and height off the gun is about the same.


The Pinokio extends further to the rear of your gun(like an eggy), so it will be more rear heavy, and if you use a drop forward it may smack you in the gogs when you shoulder the gun depending on your setup.


Pinokio holds ~30 more balls.


The Too feedneck is superior IMO, to the Pinokio's harder plastic because the Pinokio is a harder plastic so you need to clamp it down on your gun a lot in order to keep it from swaying - I actually have to put duct tape around it to keep it stable.


Pinokio is simple 1 button press on/off operation while the Too can be programmed with different speeds/actuation sensitivity/ball stack monitoring - Pinokio doesn't need the last two programming things but it would be nice if you could change the speed to save battery life if you're not going to be shooting a high ROF.


IMO, if the Too was as light as the Pinokio and held as many balls it would be the winner, no contest - those are the real selling points on the Pinokio me thinks.