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Making my own double troubles now! Paintball HMGs/ Turrets now pic heavy

05 August 2013 - 12:40 PM

Hi all,
Just wanted to chat about my new "business." Years ago I saw my first double trouble and had to have one! I couldn't afford the high 600-800 price range so I took things into my own hands. It started with daily sketches that I doodled of double troubles and then it became more. I started to come up with solid ideas but there was one huge problem. I am not mechanically inclined nor do I know even the basics of engineering or basic shop work. Luckily, a great assocciate whom had been doing metal work since he was young gave me a helping hand. He helped me develop a prototype that was wildly successful and now anotherperson helped me develop my first product. The double troubles look and function great but the only down side is my product is home made and has flaws all cosmetic. The other downside is firestorm gatlin cranks are hard to come by so I am yet to produce a double trouble with cranks. Things are looking bright. I have my own logo, a facebook page for the business and a website (not up yet). I must produce more double troubles and hopefully the more I make the more professional they will begin to look. My business goes by the name FARIS PB and if you google it you will most likely see my facebook page. The business is just getting started but I am feeling positive. We'll see what happens