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Compact 98

01 September 2013 - 12:19 AM

Alright so after looking around a while on the internet, I thought it would be pretty fun to just make a small 98 for a back-up just in case or maybe do some mods to it (i.e. pump/bolt-action) just for the heck of it, since used 98's can go for pretty cheap.
I found a picture of what I pretty much want to do with it, and a lot of it seems pretty straightforward, but I think the only problem I'll have is working with re-routing the air since i've never done anything with the airline before so I'll probably end up with a leaking gun and have to go back.  Advice for it would be greatly appreciated  ^_^   Depending on the price/quality of any 98s I find, I'm not too sure I'll be able to start this project soon, but I guess the sooner I put this up the sooner I could get advice on it.
And yes, I know it'll be similar to my last project of a side-fed carver (essentially a 98 anyways) with it having a limited capacity and all, but this could serve as a nice backup or something to throw around.  I really like the idea of having a small little marker that doesn't need a remote line or have any tank sticking out of it.
So here's the picture I found:
though I most likely won't have that thing on it covering the cocking handle



I'm open to anything, feel free to talk away :D

Sten-styled Carver One

06 August 2013 - 05:17 PM

I've always had a love for those guns with side-fed magazines :wub: , so after watching this I've come up with an idea of how I might go about this.
So for those who don't know, here's what a Sten looks like:
Attached File  sten_mkIII.jpg   11.85KB   3 downloads

My idea was to cut some of the shells of a tipx (I'd be buying the shells seperately, not using the one I own) and using that to hold the mag and load the marker.  The reason why I'm not using anything else (a tacamo mag well or t8 mag well for instance) is because I have a lot of tipx mags as it is (and a couple zetamags) which would seem to fit the sten-style better, being skinnier.

I've done some picture editing of where to cut the shells of the tipx:
Attached File  Where to cut (outside).jpg   45.43KB   3 downloads
Attached File  where to cut.jpg   116.02KB   2 downloads

Of course, I might keep more of the grip to make the mags more stable, my original idea was to not have something really big hanging off the side when it's unloaded, but I'll save the cutting of the lower grip part for last if I decide to go through with this and see how it looks. I'm keeping the trigger guard as well (but not the trigger) since the mag release is already somewhat part of it.

The tipx shells would be attached to the gun with jb weld or something like that, and I'll refine the cutting until the part of the mag pushing the balls out barely enters the breach to ensure all the paint loads. :P 
Just wanted to know what people thought about this and whether or not anyone has tried anything like this.
So what do you guys think? :huh: