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Spyder Victor 2005 bolt o-ring question

15 August 2013 - 06:07 PM

Hello everybody,


I hope that somebody has a bit more experience with this than me. :)

As the title says: It is about a 2005 Spider Victor's (German Edition if that matters) bolt o-rings, the propellant is hpa.


After a two year hiatus, I recently played pb again and about two hours in my gun started leaking air from the bolt area. It seems like the forward o-ring of the bolt doesn't provide a proper seal. According to the manual these o-rings are standard #015 o-rings (thickness .07 in), but replacing them with new ones makes matters worse (i.e. replacing both rings, causes air to leak from both sides of the bolt).


So my question is: Can anybody tell me if these o-rings have a specific thickness? Or has anybody tried thicker o-rings?

Because I was planing on getting #015 o-rings with a thickness of ~ 2mm (~ .08 in) and using them, which should provide a proper seal (but should also cause a higher rate of wear on the rings themselves).



I really appreciate any input on this matter.