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Field of Fire 25th Anniversary Celebration

23 August 2013 - 11:09 PM

Yo dudes! I'm going to be at Field of Fire in Newhall tomorrow for their 25th anniversary celebration. I'll be rocking The Red Devil.




Anyone else planning on being there? If you see me give me a shout!

My First Project, "The Red Devil" Custom Ion

20 August 2013 - 10:48 PM

Hey guys, I was inspired by Mike's Ion Upgrade Supershow of DEATH, so I recently bought a Smart Parts Ion from trinity paintball here in Burbank with the intention of modding it out as my first custom project. I've done quite a few things to it already, here's a list of it's upgrades and a couple pictures. This is "The Red Devil":






16" Freak Barrel, w/ inserts

Green Virtue Laser Eyes (I wanted red ones to match the rest of the gun but I didn't want to wait for longer shipping)

TechT L7 Bolt

Red Stock Body

Roller Blade Trigger

CP Regulator

RAPS II On/Off w/ rail

Trinity Clamping Feed-neck

GOG Upgraded QEV


I still want to put in a Virtue OLED board and swap out the body kit for a TechT Sleeper Body or some other aluminum body kit (preferably dust red) but I haven't been able to get my hands on one. Plus I might swap out that Trinity feed-neck for a CP one. Other than that, you guys have any suggestions of what else I should do to this gun as far as upgrades?


P.S. In a little while I'm planning on buying an Axe, and I'm going to buy a cocker threaded barrel back for the Freak barrel and use it on that gun. Then I think I'll take the stock Axe barrel and put it on the Ion with an adapter, or maybe I'll just buy an overbore CP two piece for the Ion. I might then sell the Ion with that barrel or maybe I'll keep it as a backup gun or just a custom trophy, haha.