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I saw this and just had to laugh at how outrageous the price of this tippmann 98 custom is.

25 November 2013 - 11:38 PM

So. I was just browsing craigslist because, why not?


Found this glory of a post http://portland.crai...4208476427.html


Now. He claims some bomb scope thing is worth 200$ and that still would add up his entire package to MAYBE 300$ at retail pricing. I just found it hilarious that he is asking $600.00 for this gear. Figured I would share my laughs with you guys.

Warpaint International anyone?

17 November 2013 - 10:22 PM

Just curious how many people here actually go out to this field on the weekends? I have noticed alot of the newer or beginner(I classify them as regulars who pick up rentals every 2 weeks or so.) come out on sunday. Any experiences players go out there? Speedballers? Or do you all head down to harrisburg to that speedball field out there? I am picking up the sport again on december 3rd and will be going to the field the following weekend. I dont mind playing with a bunch of beginners but do some experiences players show up there on saturdays? 



New here. Looking for a $350.00 Setup.

13 November 2013 - 09:23 PM

Hey guys. I am new here. I played paintball off and on for 3-5 years back in 2005 all the way up to 2009/2010. Back when Angels were king and you werent cool enough for anything paintball related unless you owned an autococker or an angel. 


Anyways. I am looking to get back into it and spend around $350.00 for a full setup. I would rather not buy used. I have been looking at amazon and have been looking at the proto rails and smart parts ions as before I stopped playing I was really wanting an ion/speedball/airball gun. The ions are by far my favorite in looks and trigger feel although I cannot find any decent package deals where I can get a mask, hopper, barrel sleeve, gun, and HPA tank. I would rather purchase the HPA tank separate and have found this - http://www.amazon.co...=A296XKTZO0TYR9 - For the price it is perfect and the looks also is perfect for me. I cant see myself spending 100+ on an HPA tank alone. I also found this - http://www.amazon.co...=A371G8H8A5MY53 - and figured that I might as well get this but before I buy I want some opinions from people who are currently deep into the sport. I would love to get an ion and if I really have to buy used I could. If anyone on here has anything they wanna sell too I might consider it but no guarantee's. 


Mask doesnt matter to me because I will buy a new one after I buy my gun and I cant just wait long enough for a second paycheck to buy it. Im not a fan of renting the tippmann 98's...