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Gun with out barrel?

06 July 2014 - 04:29 PM

Hey guys I'm buying a used empire trracer off someone but the problem is he doesn't have the barrel that came with the gun. So at the moment I'm trying to buy a barrel or a barrel kit for this gun. If you have some ideas could you guys tell me which one is the most reliable,good on different bores, doesn't rattle to much inside the pump arm and that is about $50.



Help me choose a Pump Gun

04 July 2014 - 04:30 PM

Hey guys I plan to get in to pump/stock play soon maybe after summer, but i cant seem to choose what gun i want. I've kinda chosen what gun i want which is a cci phantom the VSC the one with the vertical 12 gram changer bottom. But would prefer the drop out slate. The two that i found are here Phantom 11" SC Black and Phantom 6" w/45 Drop Out Slate  what I'm wondering is why is there a 50 dollar different other then the colors and 12 gram changers. Also since i really dont want to spend  over $200 dollars I'm wondering if it would be possible to buy the Phantom 11" SC Black and some how ask them to change the color to dust silver for me. Is it possible to ask for like a custom gun from CCI. 


Also if you have some suggestions for other pumps feel free to suggest them also keep in mind i dont wana pay more then $250 preferably low $200's also I'm leaning towards stock play.




Also if i do get the Phantom 11" SC Black could i spray paint the different parts to make it look like the  Phantom 6" w/45 Drop Out Slate or is there a more appropriate way to paint a paintball gun?

Sorry if i sound stupid.



Etek 4 rebuild

19 May 2014 - 06:57 PM

Hi I just got my etek 4 and I took it apart to clean it, i took out the rammer housing the one that holds the LPR but i didn't look which way is up or down. So now i have the housing and it has two sides that it can go in so that the screw that holds it can keep it in. One side is just a dimple and the other side is a full hole going in. So I'm wondering if someone could tell me which way to put it in. If it helps in the manual it sais  "Ensure that the outlet port is facing upwards and the valve plug is facing downwards" and then a picture but its black on black so i cant tell. 


Help Etek 4 Users

17 May 2014 - 11:48 PM

I just bought my new Etek 4 from a friend and i was taking it all apart and cleaning it that was fine. The problem is when I took out the rammer housing i didnt check which way was up and which was was done. So know i dont know which was to put back in the housing. Theres two sides that the screw that holds it in the gun can go in and I dont know which on it should go in. The first hole is like a dimple and the next out one is a cut out hole that goes right in to the housing. So if any etek 4 owners could help id greatly appreciate. In the manual it says "Ensure that the outlet port is facing upwards and the valve plug is facing downwards" I dont know which one is the outlet port and which is the valve port is it the hole or the dimple. 



Best Budget Pants!

14 May 2014 - 06:11 PM

Hey the paintball season is starting for me and my field. Now that i have my gun and stuff I want to invest in some proper paintball pants. I will be mostly be playing in the woods with dirt there are shrubs trees some sandish areas some long grass. Also occasionally i will be playing on an airball field. I've already looked in to a couple pairs of pants like 2011 the Dye C11 Paintball Pants-Hypnotic TP Gold, 2012 Valken Crusade Paintball Pants, and last but not least because I'm playing in mostly the forest the Valken V-Tac Echo Paintball Pants. They are all roughly around the same price range. Also If your suggesting a pair under $80 dollars would be best and if they have alot of pockets that would be also very helpfull. Because I plan to invest in a stock pump class marker later so the extra pockets would be very helpful. 


For now I'm just looking for the ones that will be the most durable and reliable for the price.