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In Topic: Joy is back

02 April 2014 - 04:31 PM

This is awesome news. Good to see the boys back. I have always liked Joy Division.

In Topic: Future LL8 - Juggernaut

02 April 2014 - 10:12 AM

That is basically the status of a character in the Halo game Mike and I played at in Florida's First Strike Paintball. It's a Halo event and they are called Spartans and Hunters for each side. Only head shot and circles on their chest and back were kill zones, everything else was if you never got hit.


With the size of Living Legends, not sure how well that would play in the event. It's one thing when there are a few hundred players. It's a completely different monster when there are thousands of players.


But this is a call the MOC (Master of Ceremony) Sean Scott and Viper to decide on. It's their event and their rules.

In Topic: How do I keep my glasses from fogging under my mask?

12 March 2014 - 03:59 PM

I would recommend the combination of FogDoc and a fan. The two combined will make a dramatic difference on your fogging issue. I have worn my glasses at times, since I really have issues with vision in one of my eyes (nearly blind in it. I get away with playing with one eye basically. Unless the player is within 6" of my face my other eye is not effective or of any assistance.


When I have worn glasses, the combination of a fan and FogDoc seemed to resolve the issues. Ask anyone that knows me I sweat like a pig at a Puerto Rican family get together. And just using one never seemed to help. Using that combination even in the rain I was able to get a descent amount of vision. The water was more a factor than fogging for me. I live in Florida so humidity is huge down here.


Just my .02

In Topic: List of Teams for LL7

05 March 2014 - 11:17 AM

I'm thinking Minotaur Legion, however my buddies that are going are sort of debating right now on what side to join so i'll have to wait and see.

Thanks I hope you make the final decision to join me. It is always nice to have the support. I am looking to have a great year and make some noise. More noise than any other year. Hope to see you part of my squad so we can fight for the Glory of the New Empire. I am already 10lbs lighter and leaner than I was last year, and I still have alot more work to do. I hope to be down a full 20 lbs by Legends.


I will be rolling with Willie and the Minotaurs

Thanks for the support, look forward to running with you. Be ready to run and hunt down the fights and bring it to the Horde!! This is going to be an Epic year! It is the year of the Bull!!

In Topic: Issues with ordering a jersey from Raza. Please help

26 February 2014 - 04:35 PM

Raza is a very high volume jersey designer. Yes at times their turn around can seem slow and take time. But very often every team seems to place their orders at the same time and want them done at the same time. I know a few teams that have never had issues with ordering their jerseys from Raza. For example, Orbital Chaos.


Being a business man, when you get 30 to 40 teams that give you 6 to 8 weeks to create all their jerseys before the next event. It happens all the time. I see it all the time. Everyone wants it but wants it next day. Yes at times they have been behind and slow, but with the volume of gear they make, I have to say they are pretty good.


I know at World Cup they literally had like 80 teams that ordered jerseys for World Cup and most did not actually pay for them until 6 weeks prior to Cup. Once you have a design and they have been approved and you need to order extras, the turn around is much better. Since all the bugs and issues have been worked out for the jersey layout and design.


So as mentioned there are a few other jersey makers that you can go to. But when you choose one of the largest, you have to understand. In regards to your issue Justin, that is a very good business model and I can fully understand and respect why they took that stance. I know I would hate to have someone steal a design for my team that I paid for the artwork to be created to just have anyone come and use it for their personal use. No matter whether it is for good or bad intentions.


I have external, Style Supply, Raza, Kohn, eyeforeye and looking forward to adding Social Paintball to my jersey collection. I have to say Raza is without a doubt in the top 3 of jersey designers I have used for designs. Based on the time frame of your post, I would have to say they are probably working around the clock to get all the jerseys ready for PSP opening and since the APL recently had their event, I would have to expect them to be really busy.


Please do not take this as me defending or justifying your poor experiences with Raza or any other jersey company. I am just playing Devil's advocate and giving you a broader prospective from a business owner. So I know all about unrealistic expectation of customers. Just giving you a different perspective. 


Justin, I hope everything works out for you and you get the jersey and gear your Aunt purchased for you.


I will continue to refer people to use Raza based on my experiences and experiences of others I have known that use their products. But I do not have anything bad to say about any one the jersey makers really. I know there are some companies I would never use, but will not publicly bash them. Since I do not know their situation. But I will say Raza is defiantly not one of them.