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Air leaking out of regulator.

23 January 2010 - 10:46 PM

Ok so I just got a new tank and wanted to see how my gun felt with it screwed in. As soon as I turned on my asa there was air leaking out of a hole in the side of my regulator. I have no idea why and desperately need help. By the way, I have an ETEK that I bought a year ago.

Empire Knee/Shin Pads and Elbow/Forearm Pads

19 January 2010 - 04:49 AM

For sale are my pair of Empire Knee/Shin pads and my pair of Elbow/Forearm pads. These are used but in near perfect condition, no tears, major stains.

Item: 1 pair of Knee/Shin pads and 1 pair of Elbow/Forearm pads.
Condition: Used but in near perfect condition.
Size:Both are L/XL.
Known Problems: None.
Asking Price: $50 shipped but negotiable.
Shipping Options: Flat rate shipping USPS.
Trades of interest: Nothing in particular I can think of, but let me know what you got.
Location of item: Tucson, Arizona.
What is Included: 1 pair of Knee/Shin pads and 1 pair of Elbow/Forearm pads

I've never played in these because they do not quite fit. I'm not looking to make money off of them, just get back what I paid for them.

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Installing new regulator on HPA tank.

17 January 2010 - 11:06 PM

This is the most appropriate place I found for this question, but if there is somewhere it belongs, please feel free to move it there. I don't currently have my own HPA tank but I found a tank from Crossfire that is part of their clearance sale but the tank doesn't come with a regulator. I was going to buy the tank which is a 68/45 for $77 and then buy a Ninja regulator. My question is, what is involved in installing the reg on the bottle? Is it something someone of normal intelligence and mechanically inclined can do without any problem or is it something I will have to take to my local shop for them to do? Thanx for the help.

Difference between lubes.

12 January 2010 - 10:13 PM

So I wouldn't necessarily consider myself a newbie but I do have a question that I need help with and I though other newbies might wonder about as well. What is the difference between gun oil and gun lube like hater sauce and dow 33? I have an etek and I don't play that often so I want to make sure that I take good care of my gun.