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02 October 2008 - 01:38 PM

How come no one talks about/metions 56/4500 hpa tanks?

I can't be the only person with one....

way we can stop smart parts

01 October 2008 - 08:24 PM

I just read the flame sp thread and it imediately pissed me off again, but by reading it, i just got a genius idea...

Some company or bunch of companies should just gang up and start a league that is based on mechanical guns then we would go back to the days where aiming is just as important as being able to dump paint. That way no company would need to pay royalties to Shit Parts for electonic guns unless they wanted to produce them.

I am sure electos will always be around but at least it will reduce the cash flow to Shit Parts, save pbers some money by reducing paint consumption/need for batts, as well as increasing the # of new players to pb cause no one like to get 8 shots to the body in half a second.

To do this all that would be needed is field design thats more based on player movement, angles, slotted bunkers meant to be shot at and not out of or something.

sry for bad grammar english is my 2nd language but i am 29 lol.