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In Topic: Best Energy Drink???

20 November 2008 - 10:12 PM

GO FAST is my favorite, anybody heard of it

In Topic: the vs game

18 November 2008 - 09:44 PM

In Topic: i need a quote for my year book

17 November 2008 - 07:46 PM

its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog

when i was absent, i wasnt sick, i was playing paintball

i would trade all 4 years of high school for one day of ballin'

i asked my teacher if we could play paintball one day, she said no

In Topic: Skateboard build

15 November 2008 - 05:32 PM

indy stage 9'S
reds barings
ricta wheels
shorty silverado hardware

that seems to be the best

In Topic: Epic day of budget balling

03 October 2008 - 08:02 PM

my field is an indoor reball airball field. for 15 bucks an hour, unlimited air, ammo. sometimes you get to play alot longer for 1 hour of pay if it is really slow. i payed for 1 hour and got 4