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So...I was off line for a few days...

03 August 2010 - 04:49 PM

...to rest my eye after surgery, keep my blood pressure down and stuff...So I thought I'd post to just make you all jealous.................

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Have a nice day :D

SP1 owners - A MUST SEE/possible custom parts!

20 July 2010 - 04:42 PM

Sp1 Owners who need double triggers


Sp1 owners…with the dissolution of Smart Parts and the inability to acquire certain upgrades, I have spoken to a customizer who might be willing to make some parts for us.

This customizer is a moderator on one of the forums I’m a member to. He has posted quite a few mods for a variety of paintball and home furnishings. His work appears to be top notch.

In talking with this person, he might be willing to make double triggers and matching guards for our SP1s. I’m willing to ship him my own SP1 grip/board/guard so that he has the proper measurements for what we want…now we have to tell him what we want and that we want it.

My initial prospect was this:

1. A blade [straight] or sling [concave curve] style double trigger in aluminum. The finger pad of the trigger would be wider than stock, somewhat like a “trigger shoe” in width. It’s more comfy than what we have.
2. Trigger guard to match the current scheme [single trigger] mounting system. That means, we wouldn’t have to buy/replace our current grip covers but it would be wide enough to fit the trigger and our gloved fingers.
3. Rare Earth/Halo-type magnets installed [or at least milled for the purchaser to purchase and install on their own] at the back of the trigger. The idea was that it repels against a mated magnet the user installs on the front strap of their current grip. This forces the trigger forward, making the trigger “snappier.” It will also keep the added weight of the aluminum from ‘creeping’ the trigger backward and mistakenly “firing” the marker.
4. Shims to take up the side-to-side slack on the trigger at the pivot/axle. We all have it with our single triggers…we all know it and we all hate it. Tolerance issues make the need for shims an almost must. They would probably be made from brass or aluminum for durability and long life.
5. Finishes we are discussing but the idea is to keep cost as low as possible. They could include any [or none at all] of the following:
* Black or OD powder coating
* Rattle-can paint
* Polished, raw aluminum
* Anodizing is being considered and may be an option if we get numbers. It could as plainly not be done depending on how “low numbers” might be. Remember that anodizing is an expensive process and is easiest to do in large numbers. Small runs just aren’t cost effective and that would affect the cost to the consumer.
****NOTE: To save time and money, the triggers and guards will be the same, matching colors. It makes the most sense to bulk coat or bulk-anodize a lot of _____ pieces at once, than by piece meal/per order. It’s this reason alone that we might only have one, possibly 2 color schemes at most.
As with any custom project, the more made and sold, the cheaper it can be. What we are looking for is a bulk order so that;
A. It keeps the cost down for us
B. Guarantees work and full payment to the customizer.

I’m trying to keep our cost as low as possible and if enough interest is generated, [say…more than 50 units] I’m HOPING that I might be able to talk him into a $40 OR SO range for the set up. In all likelihood, it may be higher but I can dream, can’t I? LOL!

Pre-Order down payments…
We had talked about the possibility of a pre-order/down payment system and he is not in favor of that. That means he will not require you to send a partial/full payment until the units are done and ready to be shipped. That being said, let’s not try and screw him over by causing overruns that he can’t sell either. He’s doing us a great service, let’s not try to sink his business before it gets off the ground.

That’s an unknown. He has yet to even view a SP1s trigger group, so everything has to be plotted and doped out. The R&D has to be done and a prototype will have to be built, tested, tweaked and ultimately finalized.

I’d like to know how many people would be interested in this. I’m setting up an interest poll and ask that PLEASE…ONLY SP1 OWNERS RESPOND TO THE POLL. If you want to comment in the thread, that’s absolutely fine for all forum users but I need the poll statistics to garner the level of interest. I am creating this on the many different forums I’m on [about 12-15 of them] so I also ask that if you’ve voted in one poll on any forum, please do NOT vote again on any other site hosting it.

Poll questions and choices:
Do you want a custom made SP1 double trigger and guard?
• Yes
• No

What would you be willing to pay for these items shipped in the Continental U.S.?
• $40
• $50
• $60
• I don’t care; I’d pay ANYTHING to lose the stupid single trigger.

What type of finish do you want on both pieces [trigger AND guard]?
• Black powder coat
• Olive Drab powder coat
• Raw but polished finish [no colored coating]
• Dust black Anodizing [a possibility depending on numbers]

HAH! u r to be jealous!

09 January 2010 - 04:50 AM

Admit it...you are Posted Image

Posted Image

not one but TWO 114/45s.

one with a Ninja reg, the other with a GuerillaAir FUKU Reg [Mods...that's really the model name of the reg]

If I were to cascade these two tanks together, I'd get approx 3420 shots out of a marker set to a normal OP of ~850 psi...more if I tuned the marker...WAY more if used on an LP one Posted Image

Halo V35 vs. Cheetah board

12 November 2009 - 04:40 PM

I have a Halo V35 with Rip on the way.

I found Cheetah boards cheap on EBay.
[I'm ONLY considering a Cheetah board so don't suggest any other]

Would you keep the V35 or buy a $10 Cheetah board to replace it with?

Why or why not?


oh NO! My A5 is WARPED!

30 October 2009 - 02:37 PM

Force Products feedneck adapter [EBay] allows you to remove the cyclone and not break off the hook.

AND THE - I just got......THE BEST STOCK - EVER CREATED!!! Killjoy industries ROC Stock is THE absolute BOMB!

It came preassembled for me in the Left-hand configuration [at my request], with the small adapter plate installed. I ended up taking that one off in favor of the large plate. Installation is a snap and is actually ROCK SOLID in the receiver. There is ABSOLUTELY NO movement where it pins in place.

Warp Feed placed because I shoot lefty

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Yeah I know...I'm a sick bastard......lmao