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Paintball Season AHO! The tempurature is positive!

11 March 2014 - 01:25 PM

No real discussion outside of the amazing fact that today, March 11th 2014 I woke up in my bed and for the first time since October, the temperature was not only a positive number (which in itself is a massive relief) But a positive number above Zero! (which while 0 is an ambiguous description is neither positive or negative, mathematicians take 0 as positive anyways and roll with it)

There is water on the ground from the heaping mounds of snow that are now melting

I have stuff's and parts coming in for a cocker build which is fabulous.

Legends is coming up! (YES!)

Paintball clinic in a few weeks to sharpen skills (YES!)

Canadian Carnage 3 is this year (Double Double YES!)

Is anyone else excited as I am that its 5 outside right now?! (thats 41 ish for you Mericans)

Also: Hi peoples of the forums. its been awhile since I was on. Whats new?

Okay, Console talk. (Xbox/PS4/Wii/Ouya)

28 November 2013 - 02:03 PM

So maybe not so much the Wii and the Ouya as I kind of consider them in a separate category.
does anyone have a new console (Xbox or the PS4) are they really that different? I feel like the best games they have for them right now are both available on the previous generation anyways. Also from what people have been saying, while they look a bit better. 400$ for "a bit better" is hard to justify in most gamers eyes (except PC players because they will spend 500$ on a graphics card and then go play countstrike on it..... :P )

everyone seems to agree the controllers are much better however, which is nice. good controllers are a must.

So for those who got the new things.


I Love my Generation

01 August 2013 - 01:46 PM

I was reading a thread and starting writing a Reply to a thread which was a reply to the original thread (Started of course by our delicious and wonderful Antoniouscly luscious. 
(thats his name right?)


I Gosh-darn-tootin-damn-dang-nabbit-finkle love my generation and especially the one below it..


Now you might be thinking.. But Why Eskimo? Have you lost your mind? Have you listened to one to many Rebecca Black songs? Have you jamed out to the Biebs for to long?
"No!" I say in response to those valid but mentally painful questions. 

Has Orange done awful things to you and the rest of the Citrus members?
"No!" I Say in Response..."Its All CDN Ninja's Fault" 

Have you OEFVeteraned? 

"Not sure why, but apparently this FEO guy gets a ton of flack... <3 to you dear sir....<3's to you."

I Love the Super Popular highschool Jocks who have the mental capabilities of Jello.
I love the Girls who act like 14 at 14... and will still act like 14 at 21. 
I love the guys who pierce and tattoo every aspect of their body and turn their body's into a Wall covered in Crayon from a equally ugly pierced and tattoo'd dude.
I love the people who literally are off the douchalocity scale.

I can hear your keyboards exploding. I can hear your brain cells committing suicide one by one (TWO BL2 refrenced Bo-ya!)

But Fear not! 
Because not a single one of these little twits will be competing for your job later in life. Thats right, Most of them will be busting their ass's 45 hours a week trying to make rent.

Every time they do something retarded it gives you the opportunity to make your Resume that much better. 
Every day you become better then them, you make yourself look more professional. more intelligent, more trustworthy, and more like someone that girl wants to show their family.  
Every day you get to look at those people... knowing... that one day you will literally be 10better off then they are. with a family whom you love, a secure job. and hugs and snuggles from a awesome wife who hates those jerkwads as much as you do. 


Thats why I love my generation of indecent, untrustworthy, uneducated trash.

Because for the people who put effort into the things we do. We literally are Diamonds surrounded by piles of shit. 

There was NO raisins Why it happened!

30 June 2013 - 05:13 PM

{ Orange As a Note: This was Posted BEFORE 9PM. As a making fun of people thing. NOT in retaliation :) )

None, none what so ever. So Silly. Im sitting there doing mai thing, Just mossin of the forums and then BAM, suddenly My PM box is flooded with dude's all high and mighty I say that they said:


Yo Bro.   BST, RULE 3


so naturally I ignore it. because, of course who cares right. (nobody.... the answer is nobody cares)


So then like 24 hours later and all, I get another PM


Brosepie, I removed your thread, you didnt adhere to Rule 3!


Brosepie! Lets get this straight. Im Canadian, Thus a Bropsicle (popsicle brah) 

and second. Still dont know what Rule 3 is. 


And then another time, I was in chat, and nobody was talking, so of course I start talking, but nobody answered, So I answered myself. and then proceeded to talk to myself because Im the best and clearly everyone is second to me. But the Chatroom Gods were all like,



You have been kicked by an Administrator. 



WTfZorz man! No RAISINS! Im tired of these mother fucking mods, eating up all our mother fucking raisins and then shitting on us! Poop raisins I tell you. Deification pruned Grapes! 


We need to band together! Make signatures about our raisins! protect our Raisins, And shit all over OUR problems, not the mods problems! 


Then Techpb Dies, and no warning, no raisins why it died, and then out of the friggen ground like the devil-she it drinks a health potion and gets all buffed and new. And nothing is explained! buttons are missing, people are crying! fat kids are so lost they lost 5 pounds trying to navigate to "new content"

Jesus Beiber almighty. Was the old forum not good enough? we had to get all tech savy and 2010'ed
no raisins 



Carolus Rex, someone change his name to Rarolus Cex. 

OEF is a power hungry mongrel in the chat! He will eat babies and shit them on their mothers laughing while eating more babies!

Orange has a Huge Badonkadonk 

Mods have no Raisins! 


Also Ps Also

- I love most of you. 

- someone send OEF a hug. he needs a hug. 


There is a Puppy Eater among us!

06 June 2013 - 03:26 PM

Listen Brothers!

and ladies

There is a Heathen in our crowed, someone so awful. Someone so viscous and cruel that he has been lost in the temple of nuggets and has become a demon!
A man... No... A creature so horribly disgusting it makes CPS and Predator 47 cling together in fear. (and they dont even like each other)

What is his crime you may ask?
I will show you him crime!

This may burn your eyes dear techpb members
You have been warned


Yes, Evil and horrible! He consumes them, multiples a day. Its the only way to feed his sadistic hunger
This must be stopped. Wookie has gone to far. Even creating a spreadsheet ranking the best flavors of puppies and how he cooked them.

He even cooked one RAW!
Cooked RAW I tell you!!

Cute, cuddly, wonderful puppies. He traps them in his clutches, chains them up for days. letting their fur get soft. the muscles... moist.
Then he does his wookie cry. and devours them whole.

How could you do this you monster! you horrible creature of the depth's!

You may ask. Where is your proof of these outlandish claims!
Even techpb's staff members have all Said it!

Eats puppies, can confirm.

Eats puppies, can confirm.

Eats puppies, can confess

Eats puppies, can confirm.

Eats puppies, can confirm.

Is there any more proof you need!?

PS love you man.