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Western Worrs EMR 2013

05 October 2012 - 01:37 PM

Very very early... but I am getting started on my own campaign to rustle up some troops for a big game next year. I will be acting General for the Soldiers and Settlers at next years Western Worrs at EMR in Pennsylvania and could use some good solid teams as I am facing off on Big Chief Squatting Barney (Blue's Crew and RT Raiders) and his Native Warriors.... end of June, could we see about putting that one on the calendars people???

Gurnsey SplatMaster Raffles

09 September 2012 - 07:33 AM

The GREAT announcement that all have been patiently awaiting. Courtesy of our very own reporter Tina “Golden Girl” Ruzzo, the Catshack Reports has all of the exclusive details, so without further ado The Bob Gurnsey “Splatmaster” Raffle STARTS NOW!! )For those wondering what a Splatmaster is …. the Splatmaster pistol was the first (paintball) pistol designed and manufactured exclusively for the sport of paintball.

There will be a total of 60 original Splatmasters to be raffled. These are the very LAST Splatmasters that will be created, none have been produced since 1994! Bob destroyed and cut-up all of the molds in 2004, he kept 1000′s of parts but has very few shells. These 60 Splatmasters were created from the LAST ever group of parts produced by Gurnsey. They are virgin and pristine in every way to include NOT having serial numbers stamped. Bob kept them in storage for years. He destroyed ALL the Splatmaster and GZ molds and sold the steel. Each will be signed and authenticated by Bob and come with a provenance attesting to its history. Bob promises to never autographed ANY other Splatmasters after the first of this last REGISTERED series is sold. His hope is this, in the world we live there will be hundreds perhaps thousands of businesses, fields, distributors or people that will recognize this, “these pistols were originally created to expand the sport and offer a low cost product that enabled people to try out a new sport!”

As far as Bob,s health, it’s better but he is in his 10th year of battling Leukemia and his immune system is totally shot and needs replacement on a monthly basis. This will really help him to catch up on his medical bills and to continue his treatments.

Bob would like to mention this is the first run and first raffle. Splatmaster Registered number 02/60 After this marker has been sold or won the next will be released 03/60 with a new raffle.


1. A total of 500 tickets will be sold at $5 each Or 5 tickets for $20 Or 500 tickets (all of them) for $1,895 if you purchase all of the tickets or just buy the Marker out right. This ensures you ownership of this first Splatmaster # 02/60 then we go onto the next raffle and # 03/60

2. All shipping will be by UPS store AND will be packaged by the UPS store. They will be insured for $2000.This insures any damage will be honored by them.

3. The Pistol will accompany the package but NOT mounted in the glass shadowbox, however mounting is easy and will be obvious.

4. A Certificate of Authenticity, a brass registration number plaque, an assembly certification from Ken Heinly, a notarized statement of my signatures and after all Pistols are sold an emailed list of owners names unless they ask to have their name listed as anonymous upon ticket purchase.

5. These tickets are NOT tax deductible.

6. For those purchasing a pistol for $1,895 a request for any remaining number is possible for an additional $100.

7. Shipping and Handling is INCLUDED for all 60 Pistols.


1. An E Mail sent to pbraffle@yahoo.com telling us how many tickets you are purchasing. The email is to include YOUR email address to which we may email your confirmation .

2. We then shall send you a Computer copy of BOB GURNSEY’S signature, your ticket Number/Numbers/ and YOUR name written on them. We will also retain copies in order to have the winning number drawn.

3. The raffle shall last no more than 4 weeks.IF sold out within 2 weeks we shall offer a further raffle.

4. The winning ticket is to be drawn by Tina “GoldenGirl” Ruzzo and Bob Gurnsey and will appear on YouTube. It will be announced to you via Facebook and to all the email addressees that purchased tickets.

5. ALL payments will be made to PAYPAL with your transfer going to our Paypal account lagurnsey@yahoo.com

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me via email pbraffle@yahoo.com

Thank you all and I hope each one of you take a chance at winning this original piece of history. I would also like to add, I am very proud and grateful of Ken Heinly for making this happen, taking the time to build each one of these by hand and helping to give a piece of history back to our Paintball Community, Thank you Ken!

Bob Gurnsey “Paintball Creator”

Courtesy of The Catshack Reports Paintball News www.catshackreports.com

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Hastings R7 Re-Play Camera

07 May 2012 - 05:12 AM

The Catshack Reports has had opportunity to put the new tech provided by Greg Hastings to work. Today we published all of our findings to include images and our video showing the new R7 Re-Play in action on the field. Enjoy! http://www.catshackr...-camera-review/

Airborne - Death from Above

24 April 2012 - 06:12 AM

Here is the latest in a long line of after action reports complete with our video production as The CatShack Reports continues our whirlwind tour through 2012 ... Death from Above ... featuring TechPB's very own Citrus Connection, enjoy! http://www.catshackr...ath-from-above/

OK DDay News

13 April 2012 - 05:56 AM

Check out this stunning development for DDay, The Catshack Reports Paintball News has brokered a deal to have "Survivorman" Les Stroud in attendance at the world's largest game this year http://www.catshackr...homa-dday-2012/