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In Topic: Sept 19-20, Decay of Nations 9, SC Village, Chino, CA

14 September 2015 - 01:25 PM

Hello everyone!

I just want to post something for those camping at SC Village for Decay of Nations 9.
Please, only propane or gas grills are allowed, no charcoal, wood or anything that produces ashes, even wood fire pits are not allowed (unless fueled by propane).  The area is dry brush and we don't want to have any fires out there.

In Topic: Sept 19-20, Decay of Nations 9, SC Village, Chino, CA

14 September 2015 - 09:24 AM

In Topic: Sept 19-20, Decay of Nations 9, SC Village, Chino, CA

14 September 2015 - 09:01 AM

In this challenge entrants will battle out head to head in a 1-on-1-tournament format. Players will be issued a T8.1 Pistol and one full 8 round magazine. Opponents will start at opposing start zones back to back approximately 60 yards apart.
The game objective is to eliminate the opponent either by shooting them or capturing the center flag and returning to players start zone. Each match will be timed and will have a maximum duration of 2 minutes.
The winner gets top gun bragging rights and the ultimate prize …A GOLD PLATED T8.1 PISTOL!!!
Any 68-caliber pistol may be used. We will have free markers for you to use if you do not have your own.
The cost is $10 and is limited to the first 32 players to register. All proceeds will goto thee 'Wounded Warrior Project'.
It is single elimination so make your shots count!
*** R U L E S ***
• Game will commence at 10:00am Sunday 20th. PLEASE be READY TO PLAY 20 MINUTES PRIOR!
• Each player will be given a Tiberius Arms T8.1 Pistol with one magazine consisting of 8 paintballs in each.
• You may use your own pistol loaded with only 8 shots of Regular Paint Only. No First Strikes.
• Markers Will be chrono’d below 285fps
• Players will start in a designated zone at a distance of approximately 60 yards.
• Players will be facing AWAY from opponent at start of match.
• No advancing or firing until Ref’s command ‘Engage’.
• Each round will have a time limit of 2 minutes.
• Shooting your opponent or capturing and returning the flag to your start zone can win match.
• If neither player is hit nor captures the flag in the designated time limit, both players will be out. Make your time count!
• Ref’s decisions are final.
• Use of cover is allowed.
• If you are not ready at the briefing station prior to event start your position will be given to standby players.

Or here: https://www.paypal.c...d=YV5FC6YKCFXNS

If your having trouble with any of the registration links you can also email to hanselandgretal@me.com to register. We have only a few days of registration left and plenty of open spots still. Don't wait as they will sell out.

In Topic: Sept 19-20, Decay of Nations 9, SC Village, Chino, CA

10 September 2015 - 09:50 AM

As of today, September 10, 2015, the weather forecast for Decay of Nations 9 will be in the mid to high 80s, according to weather.com. 
So what does that mean? That means if you do not prepare for the hot weather, getting hit by the opposing team would be the least of your worries.
Seasoned Veterans of past Decay of Nations know how hot it can get and it never fails that there are a few ill-prepared players that get hit with heat injuries.
Spread the word to start hydrating soon and prevent dehydration and heat injuries.
I don't know if Giant has created a Public Service Announcement about the importance of Hydration, so I'm posting the following YouTube vids:

In Topic: Sept 19-20, Decay of Nations 9, SC Village, Chino, CA

08 September 2015 - 01:05 PM

Please note the clarification in rules in regards to disabling/eliminating tanks at the 1:28 mark as noted in page 8 of the scenario rules.
It is not stated in the video, but for the nerf rocket hit to count, the player with the rocket launcher must have a "Demolition" role card, as noted in page 3-4 in the scenario rules titled, "PLAYER ELIMINATION BY PROJECTILE LAUNCHER: DEMOLITION ROLE CARD MANDATORY!" and page 5 describing the role of the Demolitions Expert.