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G6R Pressure Problem Please Help

01 April 2011 - 06:57 PM

Ok here is whats up and I can't seam to figure out why. In my G6R i have the low pressure poppet which to my understanding lets you operate at a lower pressure. Had one in my Vice and thats certainly what it did lol. I also use a ninja SLP tank. So heres whats going on I have my LP set at 60 my HP set at approx 180-185 and my gun will not fire with enough pressure to even push a ball through the barrel. I have an Ebisu board in the marker and I had set all the settings to the stock boards factory settings. Can anyone help?

Paintball equipment and travel

16 March 2011 - 09:08 PM

This summer I'm planning on traveling cross country in order to attend crash at the coast. I've never traveled with my equipment on an airline before. Can anyone give me some useful tips? Would I be able to take my gear as a carry on? Any useful information would be great thank you.

Magnet trigger kit for G6R?

29 January 2011 - 12:22 PM

Does anyone know if there's a magnet trigger kit out for the G6R? Or does one of the existing kits for Bob Long guns work for it? Any info is greatly appreciated. Thank you.