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In Topic: What gun should i get

04 February 2009 - 08:15 PM

Should i get a
09 NXT Shocker
Dye DM7
Proto PM8
Etek 2
Bob Long Protege
something else fun and between 400-500 dollars

proto is my fav along with dye there just quality!
and ive heard great things about the bob long so any dye gun is amasing as long as you dont mind a gas hog. the bob long i personaly nvr shot it but my friends say that it hasent had a problem since they bought it any of those guns you really couldnt go wrong with. except the shocker im a hater on smart parts thats why i like mikes videos hes a hater just like me lol.

In Topic: WPC going to WC. 7man D-IV possible III. Players needed. NE GA.

03 February 2009 - 09:32 PM

Hey i live in adairsville and i would love to come out and play but bare with me im kinda new to speedball but i have been playing for quite a long time.im 15 now but ill be 16 in may and driving in june.but im more then willing to learn ill play any position you guys need,i have a pmr i just bought i was putting a team together but its not working out because lack of care so, , so just contact me if your interested!