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Bob Long MVP FST Dust Olive/ Black

30 June 2013 - 05:54 PM

Got my MVP up only trades I would be willing to take is a good condition T2/6.5 straight or Empire Sniper w/ everything new + 250 cash.



Marker:2013 Bob Long MVP
Condition:9.9/10 about 3 cases
Color: Dust Olive and black
Known Problems: none
AskingPrice: 550
Shipping Options: whatever you want to pay for
Trades of interest: not really interested in trades
Comes with 1 piece assasins barrel and soft case
Location of item: Brooklyn, NY



LNIB Spekta2 GEO 3 and VCOM 2013 Ripper FST

30 June 2013 - 05:53 PM

OK got some guns up on the chopping block. Only Interested in trades with cash. And when offering please include how much cash your adding.

Interested in:
Luxe 1.0s











Marker:2013 Bob long Ripper w/ Oled and long foregrip both Engines
Condition:9.9/10 about 5 cases
Color: Dust Olive and dust Brown
Upgrades: VCOM Spool Engine with Black Can
Known Problems: none
Asking Price: 1100
Shipping Options: whatever you want to pay for
Trades of interest: not really interested in trades
Comes with Vcom spool Tester, 2 barrel backs, proto gun case
Location of item: Brooklyn, NY

Cell Team Six Part 2 -All Mag fed event 9/14//2013

03 June 2013 - 11:13 AM



More info on facebook https://www.facebook...431966/?fref=ts

Dye DAM review

16 April 2013 - 02:56 PM

Hey guys I decided to do a little write up of my DYE DAM andwanted to share some of my thoughts in regards to it. I have had the DAM sinceworld cup and have put over 10 cases of first strike rounds and paint balls through this so I didn't just buy it and say "its awesome". I am notgoing to go into too much detail in reviewing the marker as there are a lot ofreviews on youtube but instead I will be addressing some of my experiences withthe marker and give my opinion on whether or not the marker is a good buy.

First of all the DAM should not be compared to a speedballmarker, at 1300 the DAM is heavier, less air efficient and bulkier than any speed ball maker. I felt that I have to first state this because I haveseen comments stating "oh youshould just buy a Geo3" or oh for that money you can just buy an Ego11 andits better" At $1300 dollars there are a lot of markers that are lighter,more air efficient and less bulky than the DAM. Even as a regular mil simmarker the DAM is expensive, for instance TM7 $400, TM15 $556, Base Electric X7$399 and Dangerous power M3A1 $799 are all capable of filling the mil simdesire that we have but costing a lot less. So if you don't plan on shooting first strike or play magazine fedpaintball don't buy this marker.

I honestly have a lot of love and hate for this marker. Ilive in New York and have used this marker through the winter and haveexperienced a lot of problems. As cold is really bad for paintball, it plaguedmy winter with problem after problem. First of all I no longer use both shroudsthat the marker comes with nor do I use 2 piece barrels. The extra shroud madethe marker very long and hard to point when trying to hide tightly behind treesand brushes and I had to stop using 2 piece barrels because I would screw it inand when unscrewing the barrel the front would loosen up before the back. Sinceeven with only 1 shroud the back was shorter you still didn't have access tounscrew the barrel back. Another problem I had was ball breaks that appeared aschops, but after research apparently others have had problems where forcefeeding hoppers would crush paint in the hopper attachment (elbow) and when itfired the paint would shatter in eye pipe. I had to combat this with hardershell paint and with lowering tension on my rotor, since then it has beenworking well. Also the air efficiency is really bad on the DAM, I was barelyable to get a hopper and 4 pods with a 68ci tank on a full 4500psi fill. So noI strap on a 88CI tank to my back so Ican shoot to my hearts content. Anotherproblem I had was magazine holder options, I was only able to find 3 otheroptions that fit the magazines well (Rap4 m4 pouchs, USMG mag pouches and HSGITACO pouch). Last problem I have is aiming first strike rounds without a sightwhich I am not able to do. Sure the IZOD sight works if there is enough lightbut ultimately I prefer a true red dot that is clear in any weather conditions.But the problem is that with a loader on top of you marker you are very limitedbecause the hopper gets in the way of mounting a sight, so either use a microred dot or mount the sight all the way in front and add back a shroud.

I had purchased this marker to shoot first strike and playmag fed so when compared to the rest the DAM is awesome. The DAM as a mag fedmarker is really sweet cause of the magazines and magwell. The DAM takes inmagazines very well and the mag release is very smooth, also the loading of paint balls into the magazines is easy and doesn't keep pressure on the ballswhen magazine is not engaged. Best of all is magazine capacity ratio to size,you got 12 rd magazines and 20 rounds, being able to carry a case of Firststrike rounds with 5 magazines is expensive but bad ass. When looking at thecompetition Milsig Paradigm Pro ($889), SAR12 ($999) and Tiberius Arms ($899)the DAM is the only one with eyes to prevent chopping and have selector switchmode (semi, 3rd burst and full auto). Also the DAM is really the only one thatworks well as a hopper fed mil sim marker. Some of the other markers can havehoppers but none can lay down paint like the DAM can.

In conclusion the DAM is more expensive than you averagehopper fed marker and also mag fed marker but no other gun can do what the DAMdoes. The DAM incorporates hopper fed and mag fed into a marker very well andallows you to switch between them "on the fly"(the swittch is goodand never game me problems). The DAM in my opinion is really the best of bothworlds and should be considered as 2 markers. Therefore if you take the priceof any high end mag fed marker and add that with any other mil sim marker itwould cost more than the DAM, making the DAM a better bang for the buck. Thankyou and hop this helps.

Dye Dam, Dye NT11, PMR and Angels FS

28 December 2012 - 10:28 AM

Prices are pretty firm and do not include Paypal fees or shipping.

Marker:2013 DYE DAM
Condition:9.9/10 used 2 times
KnownProblems: none
AskingPrice: 1100
ShippingOptions: usps, your paying shipping
Tradesof interest: None
Comes with Stock, Olive UL Barrel, Izod sight, front grip 2X12 rdmags
Location of item: Brooklyn, NY

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Marker:AngelA1 Fly
Color:Dust Brown Dust Olive
Upgrades: Wired laser eyes, Magno Ram, Boosterbolt2, 1 piece eye covers
KnownProblems: none
AskingPrice: 450
ShippingOptions: usps, your paying shipping
Tradesof interest: None
Comeswith: Marker, 691, 693, 695 barrel backs
Locationof item: Brooklyn, NY

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Marker:Angel A1
Condition: 8/10
Color: dust black
Known Problems: none
Asking Price: 250
ShippingOptions: usps, your paying shipping
Trades of interest: None
Comeswith Stock, Stock barrels 685, 687, 691
Location of item:Brooklyn, NY

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Marker:09 Proto PMR with Hater board Techt Bolt (sold)
Color:Dust Black
Upgrades:HaterBoard, Techt L7 bolt
KnownProblems: none
AskingPrice: 250
ShippingOptions: usps, your paying shipping
Tradesof interest: None
Comeswith Stock 2 Piece Proto Barrel, Proto case, Manual, Barrel Sock, stock bolt
Locationof item: Brooklyn, NY

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