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In Topic: The One...The Only...Undrilled Vampire CCM Freeflow Lotus F/S!

12 November 2011 - 04:17 AM

Finally sold.

In Topic: 3.5 oz Catalina Cylinders CO2 Tank+Smart Parts On/Off, need gone quick

10 November 2011 - 03:57 PM






College is starting for me soon and I'm moving within the next 2 weeks so I got a few things I need to haul. No gimicks, no tricks, no smoke and mirrors here. What you see is what you get. Price is always negotiable, all I ask is that you be reasonable.

This tank makes great for pistol play, or if you ever wanna take the reg off you phantom and stick this tank on.

If you have any questions as to the hydro:


'DOT-3AL Cylinders "2 by 2 rule" (Catalina Cylinders Cliff Impact Division only)

Requalification not required per the note under table 1 in 49CFR part 180.205. The note reads, "Any cylinder not exceeding two (2) inches in outside diameter and less than two (2) feet in length is exempt from volumetric expansion testing."'

^ This means...no hydro testing is ever needed! :tup: (The 3.5 oz tank falls under the "2 by 2" rule)

Price: SOLD!

Tank size: 3.5 oz
Tank / Reg manufacturer: Catalina Cylinders
Reg HP or LP: N/A
Condition: 8/10
Born date: N/A
Re-test date: N/A
Known Problems: None
Asking Price: $35
Shipping Options: USPS Priority 2-3 days w/ tracking
Trades of interest: None
Location of item: Los Angeles
What is Included: 3.5 oz tank, smart parts on/off valve

Eye Candy:

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Help me get to college, guys. :tup:

price drop


In Topic: The One...The Only...Undrilled Vampire CCM Freeflow Lotus F/S!

05 November 2011 - 03:22 PM

Hmmmm you said "What you see is what you get"...so does that mean the poker chips are included?

Anyways free bump..

Clever but no. I need those for my weekly games. Posted Image

In Topic: BlackRabbit's Feedback

21 October 2011 - 03:20 PM

Sold him a Deadlywind barrel, paid fast, A++++, no problems, would deal with again anytime :tup:

In Topic: 14" A/C Deadlywind w/ .689 freak insert, need gone quick

21 October 2011 - 01:51 PM

Barrel is SOLD to BlackRabbit. :tup: