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11 November 2008 - 03:02 PM

Ok, that colliding in the barrel thing didn't stick to me either...
That being said, cockerpunk, you are very good with the objective side of things. But in the subjective area you plain suck. YOur videos are sooooo hard to watch - as in boooooring. They make me sleepy. All your knowledge about math and physics mean squat if you cant communicate. This kind of skill is key to get your point across. The way you talk, the amount of redundancy...
Mikes videos , on the other hand, are quite good.
Don't take this as a low blow, please. You can criticize, so please see this as constructive criticism. There are various kinds of knowledge and wisdom, and even if the world sees science as the indestructible source of knowledge,
not knowing how to transmit it makes it useless.
Now for my little scientific data input and conclusions:
Log date: Tuesday November eleven 2008
Experiment name: Watching cockerpunk videos V1.0 revision 4
Entry #1:
tried waching four of pbnation/youtube user cockerpunk videos.
Subject (me) slept reaching REM status on all four of them.
Cockerpunk's videos can be used in the treatment as an aid for severe cases of insomnia.
Known side effects:
Viewers of mentioned videos can develop the strange delusional behavior caused by the sight of the horrible bluish robe cockerpunk wears in one of his videos. Nightmares can also occur.