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Speedball Pump

18 September 2009 - 05:02 PM

for me i try to get to the snake, or find a far up dorrito.

my basic strategy is to try and put myself so close that snap shooting becomes the only real way for the enemy to shoot, taking away thier firepower advantage somewhat.

yeah it's nice to have the ability to hit them as soon as they pop out, with a pump if you play to far back people who are any good can dodge a single paintball they see coming, so just get up front and snap shoot really tight, and put ur balls on there face... nothing else better

... speaking of balls..

This one guy went pumpker somebody with is phantom, double fed and shot him in the mask and in the balls at the same time :P

CCM sizer threads.

02 September 2009 - 01:51 AM

... untill cheap-o screwed his X7 barrel into his CCM barrel sizer :D

lol, I'll take pics when it's not 11:55

E2'd CCM Series 5

26 August 2009 - 09:01 PM

I Posted this in the COC in hopes of getting a quick responce.

Eblade trouble!!!!

okay, so I shot about 300 rounds through my newly acquired e2'd Series 5. set it down, and forgot about it for about 3 hours.

I picked it up after dinner, to go shoot some more with it, and the ram is not functional. the gun takes and holds pressure, the gun fires, the battery shows about 90% left.

Series 5 serial number

26 August 2009 - 05:16 PM

Where is located, does anybody know?

Control bore back size

24 August 2009 - 02:11 PM

Have you guys tested the redz pepperstick barrel for control back efficiency testing?

8 inch backs may provide the optimal back size for two piece kits.