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In Topic: BloodLines III @ Old River

10 September 2009 - 03:56 PM

Team On Target will be attending this event.......side TBD.......

Well I can tell you that The Pimps. Ioyoiso (not sure) and Panther elite will be playing for the Vampire side.. SOOO I could really use some help on the Werewolf side... But even if you play for the other side should be a great game... Look forward to playing with you all again...

In Topic: Team On Target hangs another MVT award on the wall

10 September 2009 - 11:43 AM

Nice Job

In Topic: what was your favorite old game?

28 July 2009 - 02:00 PM

Bonk was the coolest game ever!!!

In Topic: Is Scenario woodsball changing?

21 May 2009 - 08:43 AM

All are very good points and that is really what I was looking for. I did not say that I do not like the idea of the "speedballers" in the woods, it is more that I am seeing more of them there and that I perfer to play with others using semi only. But that being said I do get a great thrill one shoting a baller shooting a hopper of paint at me. I personaly shoot a 98 Custom with plenty of ups including an RT and like the ability to get a few extra shots when I need them. And I never really thought of them as Heavy Gunners cause that is what they do. It just seems that more and more people are shooting the max and ripping it up out there. soemthing to think about.

Don't accuse people of ramping unless you are watching them pull the trigger as they shoot. Most players with a year or so of experience can easily sustain 7-8 bps (and peak into the high teens for a second or two), and some can even maintain 10 bps. I'm not saying that there aren't people who ramp, but in the last two years I've only seen seen five people ramping on "semi only" fields, and three of those five were part of the same group.

Now that I think about it, all of the guys I've seen who were ramping shot egos. One guy was using a orange/yello ego at a Fox4 scenario, another kid with one of those "moss" egos at a recball game (when I confronted him, he claimed to have "I just have fast fingers"), and three guys running pinokio'ed egos at Castle Conquest 27.

I never said that they were ramping just shooting fast. And Yes I have seen Ramping because one of the last big games I played there was no Cap on BPS and any setting was legal. and alot of the people I spoke with even said they were using ramp. I mean come on even a 3 round bust can SEEM like ramping when you pull the trigger fast.

In Topic: Is Scenario woodsball changing?

21 May 2009 - 08:36 AM

I do have to agree the Tippmann may not look much different than to older ones but the internals have sort of changed. with the adding of the ACT in the new 98's it does make a difference. Mine has a cyclone feed and RT and I am very happy with how it works. My Intel team leader is now using a Proto 09 UL SLG and it is as light as my Hopper on my tippmann. He loves it and is still young enough to enjoy all aspects of paintball.

I am kind of not understanding that 250 FPS rule thou. If you shoot someone at medium to short range (50ft or less) at 250 FPS it hurts more IMO then getting hit at 270- 280 FPS because of bouncing. I take more damage from a bounce then I do from a break. I do understand the 10 ft thing but 30 FPS less does not seem like a lot of difference to me sept for break vs. bounce.

and for the semi rule I ask because I have had one too many instences were I have either seen or been way over shot because they can not see my hand go up and yell out. I have asked this same ? to some others and the big thing I got back was Money (more Paint shot = more money spent) and that too many people do not want to or do not know how to turn it down.