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13 April 2010 - 10:06 AM

i just went to an awsome scenario game (panzer atttack 2010 hosted by Bill Baily). Everyone was filling up thier tanks and the air compressor could not keep up.
Sunday morning with two casses of paint left to shoot through in three hours between a Protege and mechanical A-5.
I filled to 2800 and shot 285 ish at the chrono.
Went through a hopper (torque loader) and pack full of 4 pods. (140s) twice
8 pods and two hoppers ... roughly 1500 rounds off a 2800 fill on my Protege

(edit: i go off topic ... right ... about .... now)

I was going down to meet up with my out of reagion team mates from florida, hawaii, minasota, new mexico, pennsulvania, and germany. Not all of them could make it, but i brought a friend since he wanted to see the game after all the hype i put into it for the previouse two mounths. After the event he was considering spending big cash to get into the sport and wanted to buy the best all around marker. He was considering the PLanet Eclipse Egos and Etecks, WDP Angels, Bob Long Intimidators, Tippmanns, and Electronic Autocockers.

On the road trip home i showed him the video clips from the Super Gun Show and other ones that showed efficiency. Eventualy found the Angel show (his other friend has and angel and thought its best and efficient) and came to a disapointment when i shot more that same morning he watched Mike (techpb) shoot only 9 pods with more air in his angel (shooting hot though). I told him he could probably get 12 pods out of the angel if the air was set to 280-285.

Since i did not know anything about angels, we went only and took a look at the price and differences between lowest model Angel and the BL Vice. Once he finishes moving, he will get the vice that way he can save some money and flesh out his gear assumble. That and i told him that i chose the BL Protege because i knew it was a simple marker to tear down and clean. On a side note, they shoot well if nothing breaks inside and you dont tear down your marker to clean it.

BL Bearing Trigger wont fit Protege

12 April 2010 - 12:53 PM

I ordered Bob Longs S-Class Bearing Trigger to get a nice color pattern going on my protege with my upgrades as i go along. Problem with this triger is i have to damage the milling on the front of the trigger or in the trigger fram of the marker for it to squize through from the top. Alterntive is to widen the pin hole to allow the new pin to slip all the way in. I have been looking for instructions for this install (yeah i know it would be simple easy). I did not think the milling on my protege is just that tid bit off. I may have to get a friend to help me take pictures.

Thanks for the help, im gona give BL tech guys a call see i i missed anything.