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Lockdown Scenarios "War on the Range" May 24-25

18 January 2014 - 11:21 PM

There's gonna be a shoot-out! Looks like the boys at the ol' Yellow Creek Ranch aint taking too kindly to the bosses up at the Red Rock Mining Company...what with water bein' scarce in these parts sometimes, seems like this valley aint big enough for both of 'em, and the good citizens of Izzy's Gulch look to be caught in the middle....
May 24-25, 2014....Memorial Day Weekend
Shooters Paintball, Nicolaus CA, approx. 30 min. North of Sacramento
$55 registration - includes unlimited HPA, parking, raffle entry, and event patch
Field Paint Only 
$45-75 per case....Karnage/Valken/Draxxus/First Strike
register at:
field website:
Event message board:

Lockdown Scenarios "Red Dawn" Nov.9-10

03 August 2013 - 04:53 PM

1984 - America stands alone....
Mark your calendars folks...Lockdown is doing it again!
Shooters All Season Paintball, Nicolaus CA (45 min. north of Sacramento)
Veterans Day Weekend, November 9-10
Registration is now open, so sign up today!
Just 99 bucks, and includes a case of paint or box of First Strike.
Event Paint Only - but dont worry, we have several brands/grades to choose from, including Karnage, Valkan, Marballizer & Evil...and of course First Strike rounds. 

"Once Upon a Grimm" scenario

21 April 2013 - 04:14 AM

Posted Image

Pre reg players only, no walk-ons


Registration includes unlimited HPA,
1 case of Karnage Tear paint (or 1 box of First Strike rounds)
upgrade to: Karnage Rip for + $10, Empire/Valkan + $15, Marb/Evil +20

additional cases of paint:
FIRST STRIKE $39.99 for 100

Overnight camping is also available for Saturday night


Lockdown Scenario in Nor Cal

23 January 2013 - 02:53 AM

Scenario Game at Travis AFB

An early heads up for Memorial Day weekend!
After producing 3 well received scenario games in Hawaii Lockdown will be putting on our first effort in our home state of California.
We are busy ironing out the details so the art and promotional material is not yet ready. However, we wanted to give everyone a chance to get this Memorial Day Weekend event penciled into their schedule. This venue requires the game be preregistration only, and the pre reg will shut down 2 weeks before game on. No walk ons!
The early heads up is necessary because the event will be at Travis Air Force Base. Those that have played there before will recognize the area, but the old housing complex we played in and around is gone. However a large and well thought out recreational paintball field now stands in its place.
This event is field paint only as required by the venue. At least 6 different paint options will be available for purchase at pre reg. Ultra evil, Marbs, Valken Redemption and a full line of Karnage paint will be available. Air fills will not be an issue. The game will be supported by 3 compressors.
There will not be a shortage of field staff or referees. Lockdown’s roster of 20+ will be on hand to make certain the safety and enjoyment of our players is the highest priority. There will be no waiting to for player to take the command roles. These people are already in place so you can proceed with costumes, props, game planning, and general hijinks.
Value will not be an issue. Your 2 day game registration, all day air for the weekend, and a case of basic paint will cost $99.
We are currently trying to negotiate the ability to use the facility overnight to accommodate those who would like to stay for the duration of the game. If this falls through there are several inexpensive lodging options nearby.
We hope to see a lot of old friends as well as a few new faces at this event. We look forward to adding our own unique brand of scenario paintball to the California landscape.

See you soon!

for upcoming info, log into our forums: