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No Kitty army of darkness logo poll thread

25 February 2009 - 04:38 PM

yo..as it says. logo ideas...linketh and displayeth them here and the voting shall begin for we are a democratic evil army of darkness...to a degree.

will update when folk link logo ideas here.

poll will run till tuesday..

the No_kitty army of darkness club

17 February 2009 - 03:39 PM

behold...the no_kitty army of darkness.

In conflict with the muppets club and the wrath and evil tyranny of the kittymonsta!!!!!!! the hearalding of a new organisation of evil is announced.

the no_kitty army of darkness has many aims...most of them too evil to mention here..but among them are the No_kitty for moderator and the making manditory of pink furry hats and underwear in paintball.

also we shall be an invite only evil club of evil paintballers (with a hint of pink) and hopefully raise a team at some stage...at the least we should get some stickers made and laugh maniacally in a dr evil style.

the evil trinity of the evil overlords of the NO_kitty army of darkness shall be:
Overlord No_kitty
Overlord Anti fat
Overlord SmartPartsIsAJoke

applications for henchmen in the Army of darkness will be considered by this trinity of eeeeeevvil.

conditions are:
sense of humour
fondess of evil and all things pink and/or furry.

comence evil laugher!!

PS, those turning this into a "we hate kitty thread" or just generally being annoying will be labeled "oygen theives" and thourougly ignored.

the list of evil henchmen
1- Cockerpunk
2-miller time
3-laughing man
4- soup (professor lipton)
7-tech 14

Paintball sized fluffy

05 December 2008 - 04:34 PM

Something ive been considering the practicalities of for ages and havent been able come up with a sensible idea yet:
paint break in your barrel, have to get the squeegi/fluffy out to clean it mid game. 3-10 seconds when your gun is down yeah?, so would it be possible to make something that you could just stick in a pod, load and shoot through your gat like a normal paintball but it would clean the barrel on the way though.

Now to my mind, the first concern would be that if we made this and it was too heavy or solid and someone was shot with this fluffyball/cleaning thing it could injure them, the second concern is that if it were made too light and fluffy (eg compressed lint) it couldnt be processed through the loader, the firing mechanism and out the barrel..causing more problems than its worth.
So is there any way that anyone can think of to find a balance betweeen these two extremes and create a fluffyball that could be loaded and shot, but clean the gun en route.

Ive come up with a basic design breif which ive been mulling over, and I hope someone has more luck than I do.

Design Breif for a fluffyball
Must not cause injury to either player or bystanders
-Must clean marker as it passes through it
-Must be off sufficient structural intergrity to pass through mechanism without comprimsing the working of the mechanism
-Must be either cheap or reusable

So my ideas thus far are:
1- to make a rubber ball coated in fluff, but with an off centre weight so it wouldnt fly straight for any distance at all, and in so doing use up all its kinetic energy in turning (the same way hookshot/curve ball paintball doesnt fly as far as a straight flying paintball)

2- something that would break apart on exiting the barrel of the marker or when struck by the bolt but would still retain the capacity to clean the barrel, eg chalk, woodchip etc

NO_kitty For moderator

04 December 2008 - 02:42 PM

1) No_kitty,22, deepest darkest Devon. Kinda like the Deep south of the US, but more rain and less incest..mostly
2) 5
3) Kinda, willing to learn
4) helped a few Internal UK ones. My university paintball clubs boards, University barbarians, mostly I just Anti-Mod and help out where i can
5) Control of the KITTY monster's regin of terror. Paintball news section, Id like to incorparate more european stuff try and bring us together as one sport by everyone knowing a little more about each other, buget ballers section, Newbies...im good with warping the minds of the new, off topic and photography as I am a reasonable photographer in my spare time.
6) Helped set up a store in the north of scotland (where I was at uni), helped out a bit with the scottish scene in general..or at least tried to. ran two teams, one UNI based for 4 years the other non uni based..it was called deviant and we had pink and black jersies. currently play for a UK team representing one of the largest paintball manafacturers in the world withing the UK and europe.
7) a few...
8) nope
9) I shall consent to anything..once..i mean whats the worst that could happen..as long as you dont tear me.

Finally, some of you may know who I am or who i play for, please dont broadcast that knowledge to the entire world..trying to seperate who I am on the feild and who I am off the feild. some may call that strange...but hey.

paint saving

28 November 2008 - 06:28 AM

few tips from the UK where paint costs a bomb.

-tupperware,the vaccum sealing kind.
at the end of a day chuck your balls in there rather than shooting them up against a tree as ive seen so many do. if there is any room left over in the tub, pack it with paper, or styrofoam.

-a towel,
got a break in your bag? pour the bag onto a towel find the broken ones and then clean off the others gently. ones that are heniously swelled bin them, but you will be able to rescue about 50=75% of what was in that bag. however, always use an overbored barrel (eg if the paint was a .689 use a .691) to shoot this stuff afterwards and shoot it that day if possible, if not keep it seperate from anything else you may have left over.

hugs and kisses