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In Topic: I have just found a site 10000000000000000 times worse then pbn.

24 December 2008 - 05:53 AM

Figures a website created by Mike sucks ass...ironic? Nah just truth.

Im replying to you so you feel like you got some attention...feel better? Merry X-mass

In Topic: Tippmann Clan

14 December 2008 - 04:00 AM

here is a vid of the clicky pen mod...my question is...
is it ok to replace the back spring (blue)with the red spring that was origionaly in the front, i know that guy did it on the video but it seems like a bad idea since the red spring is a bit shorter, and i would think that could cause damage or wear to the sear.

no, it does not cause any issue or an over wearing of parts that i have noticed after a year of heavy usage

cool..so the red spring is long enough to completely engage the seer then if replacing the origional blue rear spring, thanks :)

In Topic: What the hell is wrong with Homosexuals?

11 December 2008 - 07:47 PM

The thing wrong about homosexual is they're perverts, in the true meaning of word. i mean take a look around, have you ever seen any animals banging the same sex, no of course not, because its not natural and if you ask any scientist, what the real purpose of sex is, its to bare children, and honestly, whens the last time you've seen a child born to two men or two women, answer never.

False, I've seen multiple sets of dogs, deer, goats and each a couple of turtles, go at it with a member of the same sex. Hell there's even a group of monkey's that screw each other as a way to show supremacy.

Any animal you see in nature being "agg", are doing that as a show of supremacy...yes ive seen male dogs do this, however...ive never seen female dogs do this...so to all of you that use this "nature" referance...does this mean that only male species can be "agg"?...seems like a crapy example to use in an conversation that is directed toward human sexuality

yes i know humans are animals essentially...but i dont think the above example fits too well....do this, go ask any agg friend or person if they like being described as to male dogs "having sex" i bet they will first of all, wonder how you came up with that, and second of all not like it to much.

also, to the guy who was trying to get ppl to state they were aginst agg males...but not agg females, i feel your trying to catch someone on a matter of fantisy, over belief of the life choices of others...usually the only girl on girl you see is on tv/adult film...which always has hot chicks kissing or doing oral to eachother...in that case the guys who like that are watching it because there 2 hot chicks naked lol...your point of trying to catch them in saying lesbians are ok and agg men are not will hold no value...no more than if you asked girls if they like watching two guys kissing and so on...

that being said...i feel that society has created the sense of lesbians being more accepted in the world (due to such films...like girls gone wild, or girl on girl adult films etc...)

so, if i was to answer your question on what i would rather see...( guy on guy...girl on girl) i would say girl on girl because im not a homosexual..so all you would learn from that is...i dont want to see naked men...you can take that even further and say i like girl on girl better than "straight porn" for the same reason. (hehe, this makes me look like a porn freak....im not, i assure you) if i seen two guys kissing on the street, it would bother me more than if it were two girls...why? because im a guy...my girlfriend would rather see two guys kiss rather than two girls...why? because she is a girl.

basically, what good is it to know if someone "likes lesbians" but not agg men?...if this was the case, are they also racest toward men?
i mean, where are you going with this?

for the debate on if agglets are born with it?...i dont know, and you all dont either...untill i hear a doctor say "ahh, there it is..the agg gene in your childs dna" i wll not agree or disagree that it is possible. however, i feel that the way a child grows up can have an effect on there thoughts of sexual preferance...like if they were molested or abused by there mom or dad or something (just an example..im not saying that is a proven cause of sexual preferance). I also feel that people make this choice on there own...and to say they dont, only shows you feel there stuck with being agg like a disease or something, and that they dont embrace there being agg...which i suppose is the case with some, but for the most part agg ppl are fine with it.

should agglets be able to marry? i think they should have that right...to me its just a piece of paper they have...to them its a way to commit to eachother...no different than a straight couple...so whats the point of keeping that from them. agglets getting married has absolutelty no effect on my life. now if someone held a gun to my head and said.."if them to agg lovers get married, i'll kill you" then yea i may react different lol...but i dont see that happening.

so in short

i believe refering to agg humans to "agg" dogs(or whatever animal) is pointless.

judging someone on ther likings of a fantisy type attraction to girl or girl over guy on guy ( or vice versa)..and pinning them as a hippicrit(cant spell very well) is pointless.

denying agglets the right to marry is pointless.

and using the defense "there born with it, they cant help it" is both pointless and a bit unfair to those who choose the agg lifestyle.

bringing religion into your personal view of agglets is pointless as well...decide your own belief, not the belief of the church...you have your own mind, use it.

for the ppl who call the "anti agglets" bad names and such..thats just as bad as them doing it to you...these are belief's and opinions on both sides of the table...have the decency to respect ones opinion.( even if you dont agree with it)

btw "Maj Tom"..this post is not directed toward you, i quoted your post for reference to the animal sex thing...everything i posted is a general statement( except the lesbian thing which was brought on by another member)

In Topic: Tippmann Clan

05 December 2008 - 04:41 PM

here is a vid of the clicky pen mod...my question is...
is it ok to replace the back spring (blue)with the red spring that was origionaly in the front, i know that guy did it on the video but it seems like a bad idea since the red spring is a bit shorter, and i would think that could cause damage or wear to the sear.

In Topic: Tippmann Clan

04 December 2008 - 10:35 PM

what is the clicky pen mod?

The clicky pen mod is taking out the trigger spring and replacing it with a lighter faster spring.

Makes the trigger pull lighter in a RT or mech trigger.
Take a Bic click stic pen (the cheap ones that you get free at the bank or other retailer) and remove the spring off the ink cartridge. Remove the front trigger spring from you marker.
Measure against the clicky spring and cut to length.
Install new spring in marker.
Makes finding the RT "sweet spot" a lot easier.

Posted Image

ahh nice..thanks alot ;)