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04 December 2008 - 08:11 PM

Hi TechPb!!!

30 November 2008 - 03:31 AM

Hello, i just wanted to say hi..im new to the site and fairly new to paintball. i bought a Tippy A5 about 2.5 yrs ago and love it ( i like woodsball ) I went to my first public field today and had a blast. even though the field supplied shit paint (Karnage) or something. I think i found 1 ball that was round lol...so anyway my gun shot like crap, i use co2 :( and i dint know the field at all..ended up equiping the wrong lenght barrels for the wrong senario's ( i usually like to hang back with my 16" barrel...most of the play was a bit close for a long barrel (except 1 senario..which i kick myself for not carrying both barrels) at any rate it still was a ton of fun, i love Mikes vid's, he seems to have the same mentality toward sports as i do ( dont flame ppl for being new to a game...we all started out the same for gods' sake) and i hope everyone on this site feels the same lol( if not go join Pbnation lol )..on that note i gotta tell ya about one guy on the open play team today, he was a cocky know it all...first thing he said while walking to te flag area was "dammit, nobody on my team has pod's, son of a bitch"...although he was only carrying 1 pod! and he was an agressive player (usually they carry at least 3 pods lol)...i mean the teams today were purly new players..and he gave such a negitave attitude to the group that i wanted to shoot his ass in the back..cool thing was that my buddys girlfriend actually did just that...she had enough of his attitude and pegged him lol...and he walked off not even knowing his own team shot him LOL. My point is that i think ive made a good selection by joining this site, you guys seem to be level headed and understand that it takes time, patience, practice, and decent skilled ppl to lend advise to advance in this sport.

at any rate, hello again..my name is Mike, i live in Missouri and it is nice to be here :)