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In Topic: Calvin Klein Marker

05 January 2009 - 09:17 PM

there will be absolutely no more ball chops and maxed air flow for paintin... from the white box

In Topic: Ways to not get shot off the break?

05 January 2009 - 09:13 PM

you should superman slide, and remember to keep your barrel facing the ground so it can absorb any shock that might otherwise be pushed right into you and make SURE you land on your knees and skid with your chin touching the ground. also remember if your pods are in the way of your dive on your back.... hold them in your hands or stuff them in your sleeves

ok im jk im a newb dont listen to me :D

ps if its rec ball they arent good enuff to hit you anyways so just run

In Topic: i really dont want paintball to get that big

04 January 2009 - 04:37 PM

no, they dont deserve it, in no way should anyone even get any money for playing any game port, or some shit like that. being good at a sport that is just meant for fun is not a valuable skill at all. people should get paid for hard work, and though playing a sport may be physically and mentally hard, what are they doing for society? absolutely nothing. nothing nothing. yeah some people get enjoyment from it, but most of the players dont even care about that. you have to be absolutely insane to PAY someone to throw a dman football! whaaaaaaaatttt thhhhhheeeeee heeeellll?????? what the hell? its reidiculous, pro sports players contribute nothing to society, all they do is get paid to play a game. think about that. DOCTORS dont get paid as much as pro sports players and they contribute and infinite amount more than pro players. it is insane that pro players are paid so much money... there is nothing else to say but that it is insane

welllll lol at that idea :P
they might not deserve it, but the people who pay eli manning are not insane to pay him
they make more money off him then he makes off them due to ticket sales, tshirts and other things... they might not deserve it, but they get it because people who pay them want to make money off of them.
?you gotta spend money to make money? .. or just work hard

In Topic: average number of kills u get a speedball game?

04 January 2009 - 04:26 PM

in a 3v3 i average about 4... i usually kill the entire other time, and often my own teamates too

no, honestly ill prob only get 0-1 im a newb but once we played a 5v5 and i got 3 it made me feel speshulz

In Topic: Saving money tips.

20 December 2008 - 09:50 PM

Unless you have a bank account that doesn't have service charges, your far better off keeping your money in a shoebox than an account. When I turned 18, my bank started charging me $10 a month just for having the account. I had that account since I was 8 years old... and all of a sudden POOF, my interest was being eaten 1,000% in service charges. Fawk that.

In the end I found a bank that doesn't charge service charges every month.

So unless your bank is paying more than 1.8% interest (inflation) + no service charges, you'll actually come out ahead with cold, hard cash.

lol not here to flame, but keeping your money in a shoebox gets you zero interest, as long as your bank gives you 0.1% interest and no service charges its better off in the bank, because a dollar bill doesnt magically turn into 1.50 in a shoebox

keeping money in a shoebox will not help it keep up with inflation rates