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In Topic: New gun from Alien paintball: Deception

20 May 2014 - 04:36 PM

below :tup:

In Topic: New gun from Alien paintball: Deception

15 April 2014 - 09:23 AM


As far as "smoothness" the moving mass of the Deception is half of Invasion or Independence - so "smooth as a peach" and "quiet" - Deception will surprise on quiet, spool quiet, about as quiet as a shadow as it touches the ground - tried to put a smiley face there - but like the quotes and multi quotes &  the copy and paste - smiley faces don't work for me. (insert frown face here) 

Anyway - in about a week the newest version of the valve will be shown.


Actuator (rammer) maintenance is really unnecessary. One moving O'Ring and one stationary, as we have used for several years. However because it has a sleeve there are O'Rings on the outside, but they don't need servicing for the normal life of the gun.

The main valve has the two O'Rings, one for sealing and one as a balance. As mentioned the air pressure moves the O'Rings away from the sealing surface as it closes and the O'Ring have shown no wear. High quality O'Rings there, so there will be little need to service those either.

In Topic: New gun from Alien paintball: Deception

06 March 2014 - 08:56 PM

To the question: Why this poppet - but could be done with poppet valve as well.  Because quote doesn't seen to work???


This rammer can't be used in a true Poppet, balanced or not.


I tried many differ ways to get the Rammer lighter and get a smoother shot. About an ounce and a quarter is as low as we got it without raising the pressure and then at an ounce it started to be very counter productive. This Rammer, or because of it's weight we are calling it an actuator, is 0.2 ounces. We also lowered the weigh of the bolt. Overall we reduced the moving mass 55%. Pretty impressive, I think, especially in a double stacked design - made by a lot of manufactures for many years - when they all weight about the same.


The original motive was to reduce the sound signature and reduce the weight of moving mass and it was more successful than hoped for. It is a Spool sound signature - and the lighter weight.

The cool thing about the sound is that although the sound isn't half as loud, your ear perceives it as half. The human ear is very sensitive to changes in sound. The snapping branch can be  lower in decibels, but heard better than a sound that raises slowly. Or in this case, the opening of a poppet is located more easily vs. the opening of a spool.




In Topic: New gun from Alien paintball: Deception

07 January 2014 - 11:37 AM

I didn't start out saying "Here is my hypothesis based on this scientific principle"

I made a gun - found something that works and said 'way cool" let's put this in a gun, and also make the gun the best gun made. Easiest to clean, lowest maintenance, best value. I continued to make it better, by lowering the pressures, making it simpler to service, all the stuff I learned in actually doing things. To me theory is what you do when you can't actually do.

People said prove it in a video, so I did. They said not good enough, make another with more shots and different barrels, so I did.

As stated, many times, those that buy the gun call me and write to me and say "great gun, thanks". Because almost every person that ever give me money is happy, and almost all the people that brought those guns form the original owners received good customer service from me at very reasonable prices, that's good enough for me.

We all want everyone to love us, but it doesn't happen. Life just doesn't work that way.


Maybe it does and I just can't prove why :dodgy:

In Topic: New gun from Alien paintball: Deception

04 January 2014 - 02:17 PM

Price - has been stated several times Still, we are looking at keeping the price under $1,000 - by like $1. That is for the gun in a case with a full 14 inch CF barrel, polished, OLED. Splash will cost more.

We are thinking we can do it in all dust black, standard 2 piece barrel, gun bag, LED, bare bones - no upgrades available - for $850.