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Jan 31

28 January 2009 - 08:09 PM

I am heading down to classic.

Anyone else going to be there from TechPB? I know Overkill will be.

Sig slaying.

10 January 2009 - 09:06 AM

I really don't get the point of all this "sig slaying".

Most sites just put the limit into the forums, that way you cant even upload it. Why not just do that? Don't say its too hard, look at the rest of the site.

Also, why enforce the rule with making someones sig LARGER than it was to begin with? I've seen countless sigs including my own that only had 2 lines of size 3 text, replaced with even more txt and a picture. So obviously if size was an issue, you just made the problem worse.

Also kitty, you have size 3 text in your sig.

EDIT: should have put this in the other thread, it can be moved tho.

JT mask parts

05 January 2009 - 01:26 PM

Curious, can a JT Flex lower fit on a JT spectra goggle frame?

Or better yet, can a Flex8 bottom fit on an older spectra goggle frame?

They are the same frame arn't they? I don't know, I'm having one of thoes brain fart moments.. any help is appreciated.

DERDER Roadkill

05 January 2009 - 12:06 AM

For thoes who were there. For thoes who wish they were. And for thoes who dont even know.


TechPB on Break.com?

29 December 2008 - 07:41 AM

NVM...delete plz, lack of sleep makes me stupid