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pumps vs semis

16 March 2009 - 08:14 PM

this is at Northwest Paintball Park
this sat (3/21/09)

Regular games from 10:00 to noonish. Brief game 1 with Irish. Play a (1) hour long game in the full woods 'combined with Fort Sasquatch' to search for "Sniper Spawn Pods". They will be defended by 'pump guns only'. Yes, 'only' pumps guns will be on the team starting at the far end of the woods.

Game 1, "SNIPERVILLE". Starts around noon.
Everybody who shows up with a "Pump Action" gun will form the "Pump Gun Posse" to start in the woods and attempt to defend "Sniper Spawn Pods". Everybody else forms the invaders......no matter what the numbers are. If there are only 20 pumpers and 120 others......."Game On!" We have played this game before and it's extremely challenging.

Game 2, "BLENDER".
Think back to the most horrendous firefight you have ever been in. For me, it was the 'final mayhem' game when TAW took over our park a couple years back. There was a fog of paint in the air that blurred the scenery. One of the most amazing and intense games I have ever played. Irish plans to repeat this action in similar form with a twist only Irish can pull off. Time based on number of players, everybody must "FREEZE" and stop shooting when time is up. (1) point for every player over the line. The team with the most live meat on the wrong side of the line wins. The last minute rushes will be psycho. Hope we can get this on video.

Small raffle after Game 2 to include a Spyder MR2 with stock, V-Force Goggles. Also win "Kit-Splat Money" good for $5, $10, $15 or $25 discounts at "Kit-Splat Fest" on May 9th.

pm me for more info

Rotor vs Prophecy

15 March 2009 - 12:49 AM

what do you guys think is better?