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Exact same Gear

04 February 2011 - 09:48 AM

showed up to my field and 3 guys had the same clothes,gun,and hopper
i didnt make it awkward as much as the kids felt about it...
i said "yao(pointed to me then to him)...nice"
they sad "i lyke ur set ups lulzor"

Anyone have the weird moment where someone is wearing the exact same gear?

also...yu like mudkipz? pictar with shoe on head if so

Giga Pudding

30 November 2010 - 04:23 PM

New Kids at the field

04 November 2010 - 03:06 PM

ive been putting off writing this for a while...been quite addicted to 4chan for the last couple days but i decided to take time out of my psychology class to write this

anyways last friday i came back from school early skipping a few classes so i could ball up with my god sis who has never been paintballing and of course it being friday before 5pm (mind you its indoor so its open relatively late) i figured there wouldnt be many people there so my godsis, godbro, and another good friend of mine all headed to the field around 3 so we could ball up and we get there and there are a group of kids with their own equipment (lulz 3 kids had the exact same set up i did from jersey and pants to gun hopper and tank) and i see a birthday party there...and i watch them play and mind you i love watchin lil kids play (no pedo) and it was pretty much who had the best time crisis snap shot...so after the first game dies i decide to show them some tips and ask if the birthday kid wanted to use my gun and of course he was estatic about gettin to use my gun but the rest of his party was uncomfortable with the idea of him using a "machine gun" so i decide to teach them how to hold the gun properly and told them how if they could get one kid in the snake they would straight destroy the other team...so one kid actually took my advice to heart and the next 3 games he pretty much upped his KDR to like 5:1...the thing with rental kid birthday parties is that they dont realize how deadly the snake player is and i tell you this kid was muggin it like T.Taylor(exaggeration but he made the game sooo exciting)...

but at boston paintball the open players and the rental players rotate and the kids stick around to watch me play and normally with my new friends coming to the field i like to play more casually and less try hard but i had an audience so i put on my 9/10 try hard panties and was pretty much dominating the other guys...got really lucky that day cuz i caught like 4 game changing bounces...but after the first game the kids started chanting my name (written on my techPB jersey) and i was really gettin into it...one game i shot two guys off the break while running to the god bunker and pretty much Ollied my way down the field shooting out my god siblings on the other side and that was pretty much my power play of the day...the birthday kids were so happy and i was feelin just bad ass...

anyways ill wrap it up cuz this thread is already super long and chances are ive already lost most of your attention(proly gunna get a few "cool story bro" pics) but i know peachie will read it all the way thru cuz shes my fwend<3

another birthday party showed up and they played with the other birthday party, near our last game my friend showed up unfortunately let him down cuz i wuz outa paint and tryna wrap up our day so we could get god sis home by 5, let the birthday boy shoot a few balls over the chrono and dry fire it a few times to which he screamed "awesome! his gun is so sick", snake mugging kid told me about another time he was there and i quote "those kids were such pussies" (kid was like 12 at most...madddd lulz)

TL;DR: Lil kids made me lulz, started chanting my name when i was playing, taught a kid to snake mug, made some power plays

god sis on the last game for our group ran down my whole team with a 6 man bunker (i was out of paint and my godbro watchin her wasnt payin attention...got a problem? eat fecal matter)
lil kid from birthday party snake mugging... Aced the whole team on 2 seperate games
saw a few kids barrel tagging

will elaborate on anythin if anyones intersted
thanks fur readin fellers and lady fellers <3

Those unenlightened to paintball

19 October 2010 - 11:15 PM

Ah...so my school paintball club is going on a trip to Fox4 this sunday and i recently joined the Asian Student Alliance
and the president of the ASA club's facebook status made me slowly start to scream in my head:

Paintball this sunday anyone? LMK
Guy 1: wanna use my gun? youll dominate...
Her: In that case ill invite all the people i dislike
guy 2:what time?
her:all day
Girl 1: i wanna go!
guy 2: aw i cant make it...got some yada yada yada to do
me:is this the paintball club trip...im already signed up for that...
her:yes! its a joint trip with our club and theirs!
me: haha...how many of us have experience?
me:haha well theres one of us...<--- ill try to give you guys some pointers
her:okay! see you on sunday mason! worse comes to worse ill hide behind you
me:if you can keep up =P
her:my legs are a bit shorter than everyone else but if i feel like my lifes in danger ill haul some serious ass
guy 2: you guys have a paintball club?!? i want to start up a paintball team but funding is a problem

Rawr #1: guy 1 had a PMR 08...and unless hes tryin to impress her with his gear i see no logical reason as a paintballer for him to say that... not because the PMR 08 is a bad gun but because he said having an awesome gun makes you awesome...

Rawr #2: she thinks a better gun makes the player and thinks guys with their own equipment intentionally try to hurt people...

Rawr #3: yeah its kinda cute when girls say if i have no idea what im doin ill hide behind you...but it makes me rawr when people bunk up with me and are just gettin in the way...so its only a half rawr

Rawr #4: guy 2 sounds like he doesnt know what hes talkin bout...im sure you guys can already see some of the logical issues...

anyways i respectfully pulled myself out of the conversation because i wanted to address guy 2 but chances are he would either be completely turned off to the idea of paintball or he wouldnt take any of my advice into consideration or try to tell me somethin about paintball like i dont know the sport...i know i might sound like a dick from this but ive never really known how to approach newbs about paintball who wernt my friends off the field...

anyone ever had rawr moments like this or similar experiences tryin to explain stuff to randoms off the field?