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"The List"

25 December 2008 - 02:07 AM

Ok so i hate it when people are like OMG i want to be a moderator soooooo bad. Don't get me wrong it would be cool and i have an aplication but what ticks me off is when people post on almost EVERY THREAD. They think that posting all this stuff will make them a moderator. First off if someone already said it don't say it again. Also not everyone knows everything, except Mike (just kindding). If you don't know what you talking about don't post. Other people will know what they talking about. Everyone can tell when you BS you information. Also don't give opinions on ANYTHING unless you have tried it. People always do polls where you vote this verse this. Ever relize whatever Mike recomeneds wins by a landslide!!!!! Some people may actually own the gear and like it but half the people are just like, "OMG Mike likes it that means it is the best thing that has ever happened to the paintball industry!!!" The people haven't even seen one yet alone used one. They just like it cause Mike does. Some of the stuff he recommends i dont agree with. Here is a quick easy example. Mike likes the pinokio hopper. Well guess what i don't. They are to light for me. It throws off the balance of my gun. People don't know these things without trying them!!!!! Don't talk about stuff you know nothing about!!!!!! OMG!!!!!

Ok so i am going to start a list of these people that do this. Post the name of the person you believe is doing this. You do however have to give a reason. Give me examples and or threads of stuff that they have posted on. especially if people have said one thing three million times and they say it again. This will automatically get you on "The List".
Here is an easy way to tell if they are a idiot that doesn't know what they are talking about. They always post on the Newbie 101 or budget ballers. This is because you don't have to know anything inorder to talk about stuff in this section. You can be a newb but still know a little and sound like some smart guy in these sections. Also when there is a legitament question they don't answer first like they do on ever other thread. This is because they don't know what to say so they look at a couple post change them up a little and post the same info. I HATE YOU PEOPLE. By the way if you name has to do with ions or most other smart parts guns being good you automatically make "THE LIST". There are some exceptions such as dynasty shockers and stuff.

The list:
1) OK so its not a real list. people believe this is bad and will cause problems. Its now and imaginary list. Well not for me cause i still writng the names of the people down. Just not displaying them in public. Try it is will be fun. Dont you hate these people.
2)Ok dont put i want to be a moderator or anything about it in your Signature. No One Cares!!!! Get a life. Being a mod will get you nowhere in life. I mean yea it would be fun for a while and stuff but if you sit at home and thing about ways to become a mod (such as sending Mike a basket of Muffins, which i may or may not have done) is stupid and a waste of time. Do something fun and healthy like play paintball!!!
3) Everyone says they want to be a mod to "HELP THE WEBSITE GROW". How does you being a mod do this? Even if you are a mod you are just going to post the same information. Nothing will change except you get to tell people to "shut up" when they are being bad. Big Woop!!! You are so cool!!! I want to be like you. You want to know how to support paintball!!! JOIN the player club to B/S/T. I know i haven't joined cause i don't have the money right now so don't flame me for it. I not the one saying i want to support the website so it can help change paintball. I just here giving some advice. take a chill. If you want to support the website and you don't have money well too bad. You can't!!! Being a mod will do NOTHING!!! Either donate so money if you have some or ask Mike what you can do to help. This is how you help the website change paintball!!! NOT BY BEING A MOD!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!

25 December 2008 - 01:21 AM

Merry christmas to all!!!!! Hope you get some crazy awsome stuff. Hope you get some paintball stuff and you decide to go try it out on Saturday. Whoever does will see me shooting you up. I don't care what field you are at i will be there. Who ever gets new gear prepare to make it dirty shot up gear (that is if you come to paintball Saturday).

Disclaimer: Please note that i am in no way shape or form actually threatening to hurt, harm, injure, or kill you in any way. I am simply joking. By reading this you are automatically entitled the ability to NOT sue me. Yes reading this takes away your sueing right so don't even try pressing charges oor ill stab you!!!

Disclaimer to disclaimer: I will not really stab you. This is a figure of speech. I will simply be very mad BUT in no way shape or form actually threatening to hurt, harm, injure, or kill you in any way. I am simply joking. By reading this you are automatically entitled the ability to NOT sue me. Yes reading this takes away your sueing right so don't even try pressing charges. Thank you and have a great day!!!! IN HELL!!!! MUHAHAHAHA!!!!

mod application

24 December 2008 - 04:26 PM

nevermind... i don't want to be a mod. just want to give people advise and have a good time so don't pick me. besides ill have to deal with all these spammers and stuff (laburton if i knew how to delete your lies i would but i don't feel like looking for the edit you crap button).

Which Marker Looks Better?

22 December 2008 - 09:20 PM

Posted Image
https://www.allpaint...hed-Parts.html# https://www.allpaint...shed-Parts.html#

Which one looks better? The top one has a blue barrel with it. Which looks better?

barrel threads for vice?

21 December 2008 - 11:42 PM

hey anyone know what threads the Vice takes. will my autococker barrels work on it? couldn't find it on the internet and am thinking about buying one. thx