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Ninja 48 cubic inch HPA Safety Notice

19 February 2015 - 09:51 AM

Gayston Corporation, a contract manufacturer for Ninja Paintball located in Springboro, OHIO is voluntarily recalling a specific heat lot of Aluminum High Pressure Air Paintball Systems distributed by Ninja Paintball because there have been reported instances of tank bulging during the filling process. Out of an abundance of caution, Gayston would like to recall these cylinders to perform an inspection for conditions that could contribute to bulging. All cylinders will be returned or replaced following inspection. If you are in possession of an HPA Cylinder that was manufactured in the month of April 2014, please visit the below website for additional instructions. If you are unsure when your cylinder was manufactured or if your cylinder does not have legible brand information on it, please visit the website for an explanation on how to determine if your cylinder is part of the recall process.

Additional Information:

  • This recall is for 48cu aluminum cylinders only
  • Please do not call Ninja Paintball with questions regarding this recall. There is an email address on the recall website that can be used to request additional information.
  • Gayston will inspect and return or replace the eligible cylinders within 1 week of receipt
  • Gayston will re-install or replace the regulator on any returned and eligible cylinders
  • There is no cost to the owner of an eligible cylinder
  • Website: http://software.gays....fetyNotice.php