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In Topic: Freak or Flatline

03 September 2014 - 12:23 PM

I use a 98 Custom Platinum with a Flatline barrel and really like it. I used to have one on my original 98 Custom too and even though it was bulkier at the time that one worked fine as well. The only thing is they are picky on paint, I recommend Marballizer or other thicker shelled paint as the Flatline is harder on paint than most barrels due to the ramp. Also if you go with the Flatline get a nice soft type of squeegee, if you use a cheap plastic one you will scratch up your barrel and ruin it. 


My brother used to have a Freak Jr. kit on his 98 Custom, before he switched to his Vertical Stock Class Phantom, that was the most accurate barrel and marker I had seen on our field. It is much less picky on paint since you can choose the insert appropriate and under bore every time. Since it is a straight barrel you won't have to worry about breaks as much and when they happen they won't be as problematic for you. 


In the end, they are both great for different reasons. The Flatline allows you to shoot further in a straight trajectory, which can be very nice for when you have to shoot through a small clearing in the trees or brush and cannot arc your shots. While the Freak will give you a more flexible system that will allow for the best paint to barrel match every time. Essentially, if you want to reach out and touch someone, Flatline. If you want a more consistent barrel, Freak. Hope this helps!

In Topic: Woodsball Stories

29 July 2014 - 02:46 PM

Sorry, been gone from the forums for a while. 


I am using my custom MonsterSpin barrel system, which I came up with. It is a new style flatline with the shroud removed, and an apex 2 set at 4 clicks tape modded on the end. It shoots VERY flat out to over 125 feet away! 


For filming, I use a Contour Roam for my helmet cam mounted between my eyes over my left eye on my visor. And I use a custom made ZoomCam that I came up with that is a high end Sony camcorder which is set at 15X optical Zoom mounted on my barrel. This allows me to capture my kills even out to 300 feet away! It makes for some great "captures" on video of those long shots. So you can shoot your buddy, and then post video of you shooting him to relive it! haha! 


Glad you enjoyed my stuff, I have tons more on my channel. I don't sell any of my stuff... yet... I have been working out all the bugs over the years and it is almost ready for others to use. So I might start making small quantities to see if there is any interest in my gear. 


Cool that you made that yourself man! I'd definitely be interested in getting a camera like that off of you if you start making them, I have watched a lot of vids on your channel and think they are all well made.

In Topic: Woodsball Stories

18 July 2014 - 01:49 PM

I think that if you haven't played woodsball then your missing a big part of what paintball is...


Lets not start that argument, please stick to posting stories/videos/pictures from playing.

In Topic: Woodsball Stories

16 July 2014 - 10:45 PM

That was one of the best woodsball videos I have seen! I really like how you had the crosshair camera and slow-mo at certain points. What kind of camera did you use? Oh and I noticed you use a Apex, I use a flatline on my 98 Platinum just like I did back when I started with a 98. Do you keep it set on one setting?


I don't have a video but I have some pictures to go along with one my most recent paintball memories. This past winter my brother (The-Phantom) and I were given permission to play paintball in an old school. We had played the whole building a week earlier with friends, but since nobody could make it the second time we decided to play one more day before they demolished the old building. The gym was filled with file cabinets, tables, and other objects that made for perfect bunkers. We arranged the objects to make a serviceable hyberball field the week before with our friends so we decided that this part of the building would be best for one on one. We were dead even throughout the day, and the last game of the day truly symbolized just how even we were. We counted down, then ran to our first avalible bunker since it was very possible to get hit off the break. We both snapped out at the same time to shoot and fired off a paintball each simultaenously. I had a big yellow splat on the middle of my lens and initally thought I had lost, the shot felt good but I thought there was no way we both got head shots on eachother simultaneously. Then he I see him walking towards the middle with his marker raised as well and I saw that I had just hit the very right edge of his lens. While his shot was admittedly better, it is still a pretty awesome story!




My WGP 2k Summer Edition with clear Chipley Pump Kit and my brother's open class Phantom, we both decided to play with our back up markers for a fun pump game. My JT Proflex goggles and his Avatar Vents both have seen better days.

In Topic: Good woodsball guns?

21 March 2014 - 04:03 PM

I was just making a joke. My first marker ever was a Brass Eagle Talon with Brass Eagle brand paint (best combo ever right ;))  that I got for christmas after begging my parents for a paintball gun when I was 11. I loved the thing, and even though I couldn't shoot a shot accurately past twenty feet, I would be out in the cold of winter every day shooting that thing until I was out of that brittle paint and co2 cartidges. So don't misunderstand my humor as me thinking Brass Eagles aren't cool, heck, without the Talon I may have never played paintball at all.