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In Topic: What age is too young for paintball?

18 February 2015 - 04:42 PM

Hell, if a six year old wants to play let him play. It's up to the parent or legal guardian. It's really not a big deal a little kid goes out with his family "Hides in the back" shoots someone, gets shot out, cries, and then laughs about it with their family. What age did you start playing paintball? If you asked everybody on the forums I bet %75 started before the age of 12, so if every field started at 12 %75 of the forums might not have started playing paintball. I know I started at 10 years old, so I might not have ever played paintball if the field owner of my parents thought I was too young to play paintball.


I would strongly disagree with that, as someone who has worked with kids that age for over a decade I know they don't pay enough attention to take part in a sport like paintball that requires them to strictly adhere to certain rules to ensure their safety. Refs have a hard enough time telling adults to keep their masks on, imagine a 6 year old who has a rental mask fog on him, he could potentially panick and remove his mask because of lack of understanding the danger. I would say a good age is 10 or 11, at this age children have had enough experiences with danger and personal injuries that they can remember. They can then fully realize the very real dangers of removing your goggles during a live game. To each their own, but I started at 11 and I'm glad I didn't start at 6 because I couldn't even draw in the lines at 6.

In Topic: do barrel really help?

18 February 2015 - 04:28 PM

No, and not really.


Pretty much... Your accuracy is ultimately up to your own skill, and range can't really be affected that much. I use a flatline, but that really only helps you shoot straighter for a longer distance, other barrels can acchieve the same distance by arcing shots. Although in dense wooded environments such as the ones I play in, having my paint fly further before dropping off than my opponents is a nice advantage, even if it isn't as accurate as the best barrels.

In Topic: How Should I Improve My Woodsball Load Out

18 February 2015 - 04:20 PM





That is my top three choices for masks. 


I personally love flexes and profilers VIOs imo are my favorite looking and really nice and light cant go wrong with any of the three. 


What he said lol. I use Proflexes (In my profile picture I'm wearing them) I'd wear a baseball cap backwards to protect the top of your head, that's what I do anyways. I hate visors on masks. As far as clothes, whatever you don't mind getting dirty/destroyed... and yes, I do mean your clothes will be destroyed if you even play slightly aggresively in the woods. Even if you don't, branches, thorns, high roots, rocks, mud, snow, all things that you will be getting on what you wear. Long pants, long sleeve shirt and your good to go IMO. Heck, I usually play in a T-shirt and shorts during the summer.

In Topic: How should i improve my woodsball loadout

13 February 2015 - 04:44 PM

I wouldn't refer to paintball gear as a "loadout", you aren't playing CoD. As far as improving your marker, if you wat to be lighter you could swap out the Apex for a Stiffi barrel, this would make your tippmann slightly lighter in the front and thus easier to wrap around corners or keep your barrel up all day in a long scenario game. I personally use a flatline, so I can't give a review on stiffi, but anything carbon fiber is going to be lighter than anything else you will find, and if mobility/dependability is what your after, thats what Stiffi is known for.

In Topic: What is your favorite marker and why?

06 January 2015 - 01:06 PM

My favorite that I actually use would be a Sheridan KP2-df.
I just love the wood stock, and the looks people give it on the field.
The sound firing is very distinctive & deceptive.


Classic choice :)