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Traccer Spring kit and Shotgun belt

19 January 2011 - 10:16 PM

Well in my return to using my LA traccer I discovered I need a traccer spring kit and a Shotgun belt for 10 rounds tubes. A link to both would be great. Much appreciated


System X Sniper

15 January 2011 - 09:19 PM

This has been my main gun for a while now but with my growth in Funding I Can afford to shoot more and I am Looking for more of a Scenario gun. I will look at anything but a Mil-Sim tippmann would be cool to have right now, But I am always looking for a nice pump or even a E-Gun.

Marker: System X Sniper
Condition: 8.5/10 all cosmetic(tooling and general wear)
Color: Navy Blue
Upgrades: ANS Bolt, Ans Duckbill ASA
Known Problems: It has tooling marks around fittings, Anno wear on pump, bottom of reg, and on the backblock
Asking Price: 130 OBO
Shipping Options: USPS priority
Trades of interest: Upped A-5/X-7, Pumps, Mech Cockers, E-Guns, OFFER I will look at anything really
Location of item: Springfield, MO
What is Included: Gun, Barrel, Tippmann Hopper, and barrelplug.
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New pack

25 November 2010 - 07:10 PM

I am moving closer semi play. I have been playing pump for the last 4.5 years of my playing. I already have my gun(a shocker) and I need a pack. I dont shoot to much playing semi. I am looking for a 3 or less pack but It needs to be comfy and high quality. I had a 2+3 a while back but I dont remember who made it. if anybody could help I would be very happy. Also I would like to keep it under $40.

Ford Vs. Dodge Vs. Chevy

08 September 2010 - 07:59 PM

So my class is starting to drive. I drive a nice 05 BMW 325i and love it(I worked for the last 3 summers to pay for it). So today in study-hall the subject got to cars, and living where I do ( mid-sized hick/farm town) everyone wanted a truck. So after a few minutes It got to be a knock-down drag out fight about which is better so I tried to stay out of it but it really bothered me that kids of that/my age are arguing so violently over such useless subject matter, so I left for about 40 minutes come back to that group and it is still the same conversation. I know this may sound stupid but this kind of useless arguing really makes me mad, Hell it almost turned into a brawl.

Please dont turn this into a Ford Vs. Dodge Vs. Chevy fight.


28 August 2010 - 08:02 PM

Well I am reffing my first tournament tomorrow and I need some advice. I am Familiar with all of the rules but wanted to know of anything to look out for or any other tips. It is the MO state championships and should be pretty big.